Vocal practice pays off
Posted Dec. 1, 2006

The sounds of sopranos, altos, tenors, baritones, a piano and cheers filled Founders Auditorium on Nov. 16 when the music department held the second student recital of the semester.

The performers practiced for many weeks to prepare for individual performances that were only minutes long.

“I’ve been singing the songs in my voice lessons for the whole semester,” said Rebecca Tuttle, a senior music major. “I had to memorize a lot of French, which isn’t easy for me. I also have worked on emoting and my stage presence.”

Tuttle performed “Extase” by Franz Liszt and “Oh! Quand de Dors” by W.A. Mozart.

At the end of the recital, Carol Stephenson, former adjunct instructor of voice, was promoted adjunct professor for ULV’s department of music and received a plaque.

The recital ended with loud applause and Stephenson’s surprised reaction.

“I didn’t have any idea they were handing me a plaque today, so I’m glad I am not wearing blue jeans,” Stephenson said.

About 60 people were scattered in Founders Auditorium to show support for their colleagues.

Although a few of the performers did not perform perfectly, they made it hard to tell when they made mistakes because they continued singing.

Some forgot words while others were having problems with voice control.

Eva Hinojoza, a senior music major, performed “Meadowlark” by Stephen Schwartz in a sweet soprano voice.

She critiqued her own performance.

“It got a little pitchy, but I just kept going with it and got over it,” Hinojoza said.

The students performed music they chose.

“I had first came in contact with the piece five years ago,” Hinojoza said. “The song is a very emotional song if done the right way. I wanted to attempt it just to see if it would work with me and it really does work with me now.”

Professors gave the performers assistance during the semester so students could perfect their performances.

“We have weekly lessons one on one,” Stephenson said.

“We work on basic vocal techniques, but a lot of it is up to them. They have to spend a lot of time practicing on their own,” she added.

Overall, the performers thought they did a great job but that there was definite room for improvement.

Additional student performers were: Matthew White, Alicia Norris, Sara Brown, Briana Mendivil, Steven Andrews, Jennifer Cantero, Jolene Rojas, Danielle Miller, Natasha Porreca, Jaime Pulido and Andrew Hanson.

Telon Weathington can be reached at tweathington@ulv.edu.

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