Confessions of a
'hypothetical' killer
Posted Dec 1, 2006

On Nov. 30 a new book was to fill the display shelves at your local bookstore. But this book, unlike many others, had “horrible” written all over it.

“If I Did It” was to be a new book written by the supposedly “not guilty” O.J. Simpon, and beneath its cover lied a disturbing description of how Simpson – if he had killed his wife and Ron Goldman – would have carried out this horrific act.

And apparently, through upsetting descriptions of the murders, Simpson described how exactly he would have murdered these people – if “of course” he had actually done it.

We at the Campus Times find this garbage, appalling. Haven’t the families of the Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman suffered enough, and how could O.J. write this book knowing that it could only wreak chaos, once again, on the lives of his own children?

What was he thinking?

Luckily he wasn’t thinking, and due to bad publicity and public outcry, News Corp., owner of Fox broadcasting and publisher of HarperCollins, decided to pull the book from publication.

So, not only was the book project killed, so was the special two-part interview that was scheduled to air on Fox on Nov. 27 and 29.

Apparently this highly controversial book and interview pushed the envelope too far and will now be nothing more than recycled garbage, which is what this book should have been all along.

But this junk may not be hidden for long.

Due to the technological age in which we live, Internet sites like YouTube and eBay, have a way of broadcasting and selling this type of trash for the entire world to see.

Apparently, all the books that were printed (the number lies somewhere in the hundreds of thousands) will be destroyed and never put on the market, but like many situations where money is involved, this act of destruction may not play out as planned.

Bidding on the Simpson book has already hit thousands of dollars on eBay and, as a result, this black- listed book has become a valuable collectors’ item that may very soon see the light of day.

Along with this book there is an interview with Simpson that has already been filmed and is extremely vulnerable to a leak.            

It’s interesting to see how the public killed the Simpson book project and it is the public outcry that will also be a component of why it’s splashed all over the Internet.

We always want what we can’t have, and even though the “If I Did It” book is morally appalling in every way, as human beings we are curious, even if the book’s publication is unethical.

The book itself would have probably done well at the bookstore.

It would have enjoyed riding on the coat tails of other true crime stories that followed such crimes as JonBenet Ramsey, but it probably would have also been forgotten.

But now, due to the fallen book and interview deal, “If I Did It” will be a collectors’ item for years to come.

In 50 years, people will still be trying to get their hands on these blacklisted hypothetical confessions of a supposed killer who beat the system and then attempted to prophet from a “hypothetical” book about the murders.

We all think that he did it.

He got off the hook due to a mixture of fame and fortune, and for a while, we forgot about how much this upset us; but now O.J. is back and this time he has once again shocked everyone with this brazen display of innocence.

Let us hope that he soon fades into obscurity where he belongs.

Confessions of a
‘hypothetical’ killer

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