Campus Times
December 5, 2003

photo by Adam Omernik

Lindsey Johnson (No. 9) and Rachel Kreuser (No. 10) of the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse take one of the few opportunities afforded them to score, after a return made by Adele Jones (No. 6) of La Verne. The Leopards defeated the Eagles in four games, 3-1.

Basketball starts flawless at home

The men tear up the court, opening the season with four straight victories.

Leos take on tough preseason

The women's basketball team trounces La Sierra, 82-46.

Times Two dominates ‘Puff Yo Stuff’ game

Competition gets fierce at the annual powder puff football game.

Celebration needs to go

Matt Paulson, editor in chief, wants to watch a football game, not "Dance Fever."