Spa Night turns fierce Leopards into pampered pussycats
Posted Dec. 7, 2007
Seanette Garcia
Lights were dimmed and candles were lit at Leo’s Den on Tuesday, where students received free massages from the Spa Night event hosted by the Campus Activities Board and Sister Circle. Shanae Diaz enjoyed a soothing massage from Catherine Castruita, a masseuse from Wild Earth Organic Day Spa in downtown La Verne.

Marin Hummel
Staff Writer

Decorations of streamers, balloons and colored fabric transformed Leo’s Den into a serene, calm place for students to relax before hitting the books for finals.

The Campus Activities Board and Sister Circle co-hosted a spa night for students on Tuesday from 8 p.m to 10 p.m.

“We did this to help relieve some of the student’s stress and tension before finals,” said Cindel de los Reyes, a sophomore movement and sports science and business major and special events chairwoman for CAB.

One of the most stressful times for students in college is right before finals when everyone is trying to finish projects and study for that big final on top of everyone’s already crazy life.

All you want is a little relaxation and that is what CAB did for students by bringing in professional massage therapists from Wild Earth Organic Day Spa in downtown La Verne to give five minute massages.

The waiting list was full of students waiting for their five minutes of relaxation before finals.

There were two massage tables set up for each of the massage therapists as they went down their list of scheduled students.

“My back has been tense from the beginning of the semester and I never get the chance to get a massage. This is my second time coming to this event,” Danielle Miller, a senior music major said. “The massage was really nice but I wanted it to be longer.”

The beach theme also helped add a relaxing element to the event.

Leo’s Den was decorated in blues and greens with pineapple candles and sea shells adorning the tables.

There was calming music in the background along with food and drinks for students to snack on while they waited for their turn to be massaged.

Some of the snacks provided included punch, water, fruit, brownies, cookies and M&M’s in shades of blue and green to match the color theme.

“I always connect the ocean and the beach with relaxation and massages,” de los Reyes said.

The event was a huge success.

Around 40 people attended the spa night and got to relax and enjoy themselves before next weeks finals.

“The event was very successful,” said Jesur Habek, a sophomore business administration major. “The massages were really good and I enjoyed myself.”

If you missed CAB’s spa night you can try some relaxation techniques on your own.

Some relaxation techniques include refocusing your attention to something calming and increasing your bodies awareness.

By doing regular relaxation techniques, your body and mind can benefit by decreasing life’s wear and tear.

Autogenic relaxation is a technique that uses both visual images and body awareness to decrease stress.

You can imagine a peaceful place and work on calm and controlled breathing, slowing your heart rate or relaxing your arms and legs one by one.

Progressive muscle relaxation is the tightening and relaxing of each muscle group becoming aware of the difference between relaxation and tension in your muscles.

Tighten your muscles for five seconds and then relax for 30 seconds and repeat.

Visualization is the technique of visualizing a place in your mind to calm yourself.

Taking relaxing journey. Remember to try and use as many senses as you can.

Some other relaxation techniques everyone should try are yoga, meditation, music, tai chi, exercise and of course massage.

So kick back, relax and good luck on those finals.

Marin Hummel can be reached at

Spa Night turns fierce Leopards into pampered pussycats

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