LV publications win gold
Posted Dec. 7, 2007

Sher Porter
News Editor

The Campus Times last week received its 11th consecutive Gold Medal award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association for the spring semester 2007.

The newspaper earned 949 out of a possible 1000 points in the semiannual contest. The staff is still awaiting CSPA contest results for fall 2006.

“The 10th (gold) last year was momentous ... the 11th was sort of a relief,” said Elizabeth Zwerling, Campus Times chief adviser and associate professor of journalism. She has been the Campus Times adviser for all 11 consecutive wins.

Zwerling said one reason for the newspaper’s consistent wins is the approach she has taken with staff editors. When she started in 2001, she said she “democratized” the newsroom, giving editors autonomy over their sections, while encouraging teamwork, group planning and process. She added there is always room for improvement.

The Campus Times is not the only ULV publication on campus this year to win the prestigious CSPA award. The La Verne Magazine also won gold in the magazine division, with a total of 980 points for the summer 2007 issue.

“It makes us seem like we’re doing something right, and that we’re heading in the right direction,” said Randy Miller, adjunct professor of journalism and La Verne Magazine adviser.

The CSPA, based at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, is one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious scholastic journalism organizations.

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