All we want for Christmas is...

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All we want for Christmas is...
Posted Dec. 7, 2007
editorial cartoon

As the semester draws to a close, and the holidays are just around the corner, we have decided to put together our own wish list for the University of La Verne.

1. Tennis courts: Not only are the men’s and women’s tennis teams out of home courts, but so are some of the classes offered at the University. Students and faculty who enjoyed their free time playing tennis at the Nancy Blickenstaff Tennis Pavilion are now forced to go elsewhere, give up the game or dodge the cars that take over the area every day.

2. Easier registration process: Raise your hand if you have ever been locked out of the system as soon as you are given the green light to register. Overrides are a whole other problem as well. First, students have the task of getting the override from his or her professor. Second, it would help if holds were actually removed when the problem is brought to the attention of student accounts. Many students have been unable to register due to holds on their accounts. After attempts to take care of these holds, they still remain. There are some definite glitches when it comes to registration, and it needs to be improved.

3. Better parking: We do not necessarily need more parking spots (although, that would help); it just needs to be improved. Three hour parking is not going to cut it for those of us on-campus all day long. Perhaps negotiating a better deal between the city and the University is what is needed to improve the parking policy.

4. Before cutting programs at the University, it would be nice for the faculty and students to have a say. After all, the professors are teaching the classes, and the students are going to them.

5. Going to a small University has its perks. We all know and see one another at school, but what about supporting athletic teams, organizations and clubs on our campus. It would be nice to have some encouragement from ULV to support and promote school spirit.

6. And what about the old traditions? We always hear about them, but it seems like these days students just come to school and go to classes and practices and that is it. La Verne should bring back those old traditions and carry them on into the future.

7. The Hanawalt House is still in its horrible state. Yes, we are still waiting. We have published previous editorials on this topic, and still nothing has been done. While construction is going on around campus, there are plenty of other buildings that need help, too, including Founders Auditorium.

8. It would be nice to keep our ULV e-mail addresses after graduation. It would be convenient and easier to get a hold of other students and faculty in the future.

9. An upgrade to Ortmayer Stadium is something that we would like to have completed in the near future. The switch from grass to artificial turf would not only be beneficial for the football and track and field teams but also for maintenance and longevity as well.

10. Lab fees are specific only to the labs and the equipment on campus. It would be nice for those of us who cannot always make it to the campus during lab hours to use the lab fees that we pay for in other ways. For example, trial versions of programs that students can use to work on at home is one way to utilize those fees.

We know that Santa Claus may not be able to fit everything into his sleigh on Christmas Eve, but maybe some of his helpers at ULV will be able to make these things happen.