Counseling event
offers support
Posted December 9, 2005

Hugo Bryan Castillo
Copy Editor

The University of La Verne counseling center hosted a two-day depression and substance abuse outreach event on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 in front of Davenport Dining Hall to address issues that affect college students today.

The counseling center displayed a table with various pamphlets and
documents concerning issues of depression and anxiety among college students and how to cope with such problems. The center also offered information on alcohol abuse.

“We want to encourage folks to get information about these issues,” said Rick Rogers, counseling center director. “We provide resources about depression and anxiety.”

The counseling center even provided students with an alcohol screening inventory to test an individual for alcohol abuse.

“Alcohol (abuse) is common among college students,” Rogers said.

College students can experience alcohol poisoning if they don’t know how to control their drinking, he added.

Anxiety is common among college students. The most common type is social anxiety, Rogers said.

“Social anxiety comes out in different ways,” Rogers said. “People become shy, or it can be through public speaking, test taking or doing a presentation.”

This is most evident in students who just come out of high school and go into college.

“This is also the case with depression,” Rogers said. “It can develop by having a high level of stress.”

Students may also experience depression following some kind of loss, or they might be biologically predisposed to depression.

Rogers said that the most common reasons ULV students go to the counseling center are depression, other types of anxiety, specific phobias and relationship issues.

For more information the counseling center’s freeservices, call (909) 593-3511 Ext. 4832.

Hugo Bryan Castillo can be reached at

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