Shove a better ULV
in our stockings
Posted December 9, 2005

Christmas time is here and with the big day just a few weeks away, we at the Campus Times decided that it was a good time to compose our very own holiday wish list. And since we’re not exactly a selfish group of people, we collected our wishes with the good of the entire University of La Verne student body in mind. So here you go, Santa Claus.

• First and foremost, we would like to see that a few professors we have lost recently come back to our school and continue doing the awesome jobs they were doing before their unexpected departures. Scott Farthing, Andres Zervignon, Eric Grekowicz and Sarah Johnson are all professors that our school has recently lost to other jobs. It just so happens that these professors were also some of the strongest at the University. We need more leadership like that which we lost. Let’s boost their pay and hope that our school could get back these professors that were so good at sharing their knowledge. And while we’re at it, can we please stop cutting funds to the College of Arts and Sciences? We know, we know, these aren’t the areas that will produce the richest alumni, but this division still deserves a little respect and a little monetary support.

• After its third attempt, the law school can finally be ABA accredited and the city of Ontario can give the economic boom it really needs. Either the law school bigwigs can finally stop holding their breath and gain accreditation, or maybe they can open their eyes and realize that this isn’t going to happen.

• We want the University to hire more professors so we can enroll for the classes we want without getting shut out. Maybe then we can stop panicking when we’re registering and we can stop counting down the seconds before we’re allowed to register. We can also stop crossing our fingers as we repeatedly whisper to ourselves, “Please let me get in, please let me get in…” as we continue reloading the page until we’re allowed to.

• We know that the University is very good at rebuilding massive projects like the Campus Center, but this Christmas we want to see them start with little things that are in dire need of attention. Does the Hanawalt House ring a bell? Sure, we almost lost it to a fire, but this historical house is still standing and it desperately needs a little attention. It probably wouldn’t cost millions of dollars to restore such a treasure, would it? Speaking of restoration, what about Founders Hall? Nothing says good cheer like fixing a roof on the verge of collapsing or giving an old auditorium a much needed makeover.

• We also would like more parking spaces on campus, even a parking structure would work. It’s not too much to ask. Maybe then we would show up for class on time instead of circling D and Third streets looking for parking spots. Maybe then we would have more money to spend on books and the increasing cost of tuition instead of paying parking fines.

• Since the University is getting rid of everything paper and relying on the Internet for registration and commencement information, among other things, maybe the departments involved can actually update their sites in a timely manner. Or maybe just create a home page that is easier to search and navigate.

• This year’s work study cuts left many students a little tight on tuition payments and spending money. This holiday lets give the schools a little more cash to work with in the work study programs. We know this is a federal issue, but it can’t hurt to ask, right?

• Finally, can we please get a finished Athletics Pavilion? We’ll even settle for a place where students can graduate in January without getting drenched if it rains.

Shove a better ULV
in our stockings

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