Leaders selected for Comm Dept.
Posted Dec. 12, 2008
Erin Brockmant
The communications department announced new and reaffirmed student leadership for LeoFM Radio, Campus Times and La Verne Magazine. Hannah Nakama will remain as program director for LeoFM, Susan Acker is newly named as the editor in chief for the Campus Times and Jennifer Cuevas is the new editor in chief for La Verne Magazine. They will take office spring semester 2009.

Experience and energy will radiate through the communications department next semester as Susan Acker and Jennifer Cuevas assume leadership positions as the new editors in chief for the Campus Times and the La Verne Magazine.

Beginning in February, Acker, a senior journalism major, will head the Campus Times as the new editor in chief. Acker has spent three semesters on the Campus Times and is currently the managing editor. She is also the current editor for the La Verne Magazine.

“The paper is really strong this semester, and I am hoping to carry that on,” Acker said.

“Susan is a rare individual. She has a “can do” attitude. She holds a moral compass that is highly respected. She is smart and fearless when interviewing and listens carefully to answers. She methodically probes the ‘why’ of a story. And Susan holds a true journalists’ curiosity that cannot be taught in a classroom,” said George Keeler, fall semester Campus Times adviser.

Along with a new student leader, the Campus Times will be reunited with its former chief adviser, Elizabeth Zwerling, associate professor of journalism.

Keeler, department chair of communications, stepped in to replace Zwerling this semester when she took a sabbatical leave.

“I look forward to the return of Elizabeth spring semester,” said Keeler. “Her return will make our department whole again. She is an advocate of the Fourth Estate and will continue to keep the quality of the Campus Times high.”

“I’ll miss George. I learned a lot from him this semester, but I am excited for Elizabeth to come back,” Acker said. “She, too, is a really great example of what students come to ULV for.”

Cuevas, a junior communications major and CAPA student, will take charge of the La Verne Magazine next semester as the new editor in chief.

Cuevas spent one semester on the Campus Times in 1998 and is currently working as a freelance public relations practitioner.

“She will bring a level of experience, maturity and insight,” said Randy Miller, La Verne Magazine adviser.

“I actually was surprised,” Cuevas said of her appointment.

Although a little shocked, Cuevas is confident that with her past experience and fresh outlook that she can bring a new perspective to La Verne Magazine.

“Finding inspiration and motivation are important… maybe I can bring that excitement to the class,” Cuevas said.

“That kind of enthusiasm and energy will help generate ideas,” Miller said.

Along with the new editors, Hannah Nakama, senior radio broadcast major, will continue to lead LeoFM as program director for her fourth straight semester.

“Now that she has been program director for three semesters, she is more sure of herself,” Mike Laponis, professor of communications, said.

This semester under Nakama’s leadership the radio station, formally known as KULV, switched formats from alternative rock to contemporary hit radio.

“She’s done outstanding as program director, especially with what is involved in flipping the format,” Laponis said.

Although the LeoFM staff claims to have no surprises up its sleeves for next semester it is nevertheless trying to become more known on campus.

“No surprises. We just want to get more involved on campus now that we have our feet wet with the new format,” Nakama said. “We are working on a big promotion for next semester. It’s going to be big and fun.”

Unlike publication editors, the position of program director is a year-long position that is decided at the end of each spring semester.

Madison Steff can be reached at madison.steff@laverne.edu.

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