Booters finish season with a bang

Campus Times
November 8, 1996

Photo by Veero Der-Karabetian

The La Verne women's soccer team played its last game of the season, which ended in a 4-0 win. During halftime, family and friends of the senior players exchanged flowers and hugs. It was the last game they would play for La Verne.

by Scott Mac Kay
News Editor

Not expecting a bid to the NCAA Division III playoffs, the University of La Verne women's soccer team took the field Saturday against the Claremont Mudd-Scripps Athenas and did what they do best, they had fun playing the game of soccer.

"We played a good season, we had fun. Once the pressure was off we did good," said senior Jenny Zwissler who was playing in her final game as a Leopard.

In front of a large home crowd filled with family and friends the Leopards finished their season 15-4 overall, with a 4-0 win over Claremont, finishing SCIAC 10-2.

"We won't be able to go [to the championships]," said head coach Wendy Zwissler, "but we had fun."

The only goal for the half came from the La Verne defense as senior Jamey Hesler scored on as assist from Jenny Zwissler. "It was great to score a goal in my final game at La Verne," said Hesler.

Leaving the first half, 1-0, the halftime was devoted to honoring the team The graduating seniors Jenny and Jacqui Zwissler, Tiffany Hall, Lisa Thomas, Ana Delgado, Jamie Hesler, Tori Bare and Kari Trotter were presented flowers by family and friends.

"It was a very, very, emotional game. It hit me hard that this was the last time I would play with them," said junior Amber Hall, "They taught me so much, I've never played with players like them before."

A speech by coach Zwissler thanked the players for "their hard work, dedication, pranks, laughs, tears, and fun."

Teresa Avila, a friend of coach Zwissler, sang "I wish you love" a dedication to all the graduating seniors in hope for their futures. This was followed by the entire team going to center field for pictures while the Sister Sledge's "We are Family" filled the field.

"It was sad, but really nice," said Jenny Zwissler.

"There is no halftime show that could be good enough, that could say how much they [the seniors] mean to us," said Amber Hall.

"With soccer season at the start of the year I would just get excited for the entire school year," said senior Ana Delgado "I just love to play."

The halftime ceremony energized La Verne, who dominated the second half scoring in the first five minutes on a corner kick. Jacqui Zwissler floated the ball deep into the Athenas zone where Mejico dove to head that ball into the side post rebounding it to the back of the net.

In what could have been an instant replay eight minutes later, Lisa Thomas drilled a corner kick to the center of the field where Mejico used her head to bounce the ball of the right post and once again into the back of the net, giving La Verne a decisive 3-0 lead.

The Athenas threatened with 26 minutes left and a break away from the ULV defenders down the right side of the field but losing the ball to ULV goal keeper Tiffany Hall after dribbling too far out.

La Verne burned a hole in the back of the net for the last time in the match with 14 minutes left as Jacqui Zwissler took a ground pass across the goal mouth from the right side of the field to the left, scoring to give La Verne the final 4-0 victory.

"We might not have made the championships," said Jenny Zwissler "but we made alot of good memories."

Looking back at the past four years, Delgado said, "Every year we are getting better."

"They (the seniors) got the respect we now have from all the teams everywhere," said Amber Hall, "Those girls were the ones that totally started our program and got it to where it is now."

"Awesome" was the word used by coach Zwissler to describe the past four years of women's soccer at La Verne. Zwissler said next year she plans on "doing the same thing."