What are you thankful for?

Campus Times
November 22, 1996

by Enedina Perez
Editorial Assistant

Thanksgiving weekend is just around the corner. For many University of La Verne students, this is the first holiday of the year when they get to go home. For others, it is just a time to relax, catch up on homework and spend time with their loved ones. Most importantly, it is a time to give thanks.

Although students may come from a variety of different backgrounds and different walks of life, most are thankful for the same things-friends, family and the opportunity to attend college at the University of La Verne.

These are the things that some students are thankful for:

"To be alive."
Mike Montoya

"I am thankful I actually have
parents, family to support me.
I am very thankful I actually
havemy parents and I'm not
an orphan like some kids."

Kathy Franco

"For my family and the
fact that I'm in college.
I am thankful for
succeeding right now.
I am thankful for being
alive with all the violence."

Cameron Chappell

"I am thankful for my friends
and family, when they are always
around me to support me."

Karie O'Neill

"I am thankful for
God giving me the
ability to play
basketball and to
come to a college
like La Verne."

Dale Schroeder

"I am thankful for
my family that
they're healthy. I'm
thankful for my
friends, and thankful
that the holidays are
coming up because
I get to spend them
with my family and

Veronica Rodriguez

"I am thankful that I have food when
other people in Africa are starving
to death. I'm also thankful that
I can continue my education
when other people don't even
have the opportunity to do that,
and I am just thankful to be alive."

Kenia Magallanes

"I am thankful that I
have a very healthy
and happy family
and to have a home.
I am thankful to have
opportunities other
people aren't able to have."

Liz Rodarte

"I am thankful that
God gave me the
opportunity to be
able to attend an
institution like this
one and thankful that
I've made it this far in life."

Linza Williams

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