Campus Times
February 21, 1997


photo by Starr Carroll

Senior Connie Troesh (left) went to her car between classes to retrieve her notebook to find a smashed rear window. Baseball head coach Owen Wright said the window was broken at about 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday by a foul ball. Sophomore Melissa Batty (right) saw the broken window and reported it. There was also a note left by an unnamed witness who reported seeing a baseball breaking the window and the baseball being retrieved by a coach. Campus Security officer Alex Buligan, holding the note, responded to the scene and took the report.


Scott is driving force behind softball

New assistant softball coach motivates team.

Shields discusses cultural awareness

Pastoral Associate speaks explores role of African-Americans in history.

New OWLs, coordinators selected

Twenty orientation week leaders (OWLs) prepare for incoming freshman.

ULV Greeks get ready for spring rush

Six on-campus sororities, fraternities plan to increase membership.

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