Letters to the Editor

Campus Times
March 14, 1997



Dear Editor,

We are writing in response to Robert Aguirre's letter [Feb. 28] regarding Jamie Bigornia's civil rights case.

In the first place, David Riffle chose to make his assault a "gay issue" by asking Bigornia if he was a "fag." Upon Jamie's reply, Riffle attacked him. That makes this more than a "regular bar fight." Jamie was assaulted because he is gay. That was a violation of his civil rights.

Secondly, in response to Mr. Aguirre's jibe that court time was wasted on people who aren't "real criminals," did he fail to note that Riffle was convicted of a crime in a court of law-constituting him a "real criminal?" Because the evidence against Eric Britton was not sufficient to meet the strenuous burden of proof required by our criminal court system, he was not convicted. Riffle, however, was found guilty according to these same strenuous guidelines.

Finally, Mr. Aguirre, I would like you to ask yourself why on earth a 5'2", 120-pound gay man would pick a fight or pick up on two underage drunken baseball players? Jamie's attack was unwarranted in every sense and it is overwhelmingly upsetting to hear views to the contrary. Although, Mr. Aguirre, you have lost confidence in the judicial system, we are heartened to see that justice has been served.

Members of the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Student Union


Dear Editor,

I have a few growing concerns lately for the order of priorities that the University of La Verne has set up for itself. After reading Laura Czingula's opinion column, "Gym floor unacceptable" on March 7, thoughts that had been waiting to be talked about finally surfaced. As a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Council and second year member of the men's volleyball team, I have a first-hand idea of what Laura is speaking of. Not only is the floor in the Student Center gymnasium dangerous because of the peeling plastic that used to be attached to it, but I have been informed by several coaches and our athletic director, Jim Paschal, that when the floor was originally installed, it was installed directly on top of a concrete slab. The type of floor used in our gym is a rubber surface that requires a series of padding and shock absorption materials that aid in injury prevention. However, upon building the Student Center, this aspect was overlooked and has led to numerous knee, back and ankle problems for the majority of the men's volleyball team and numerous athletes on the women's volleyball team, as well as men's and women's basketball.

Upon further inquiry, I continued to find that the Campus Times has written several articles on our University's plans to allocate funds throughout the school. The most recent setback was the surfacing of the new two percent budget cuts. This cut is due to lower numbers in enrollment and will effect several, if not all, of the programs at La Verne. I read another article today entitled "University expanding into La Verne" [by Jennifer Parsons, March 7]. This article discusses the proposal of land expansion for the University and the movement of several athletic fields and facilities. If our enrollment is down, our budget has been cut and we can't afford to improve the construction of buildings, than how can we possibly look to expand our campus when we can't fill the one we have? This grows to be a more frustrating topic to all of those who participate in indoor athletics and coaches as well; I hope that the University will look into this matter with a considerable amount of importance as our athletes are continually being injured.

Chris Peterson

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