Campus Times
March 21, 1997

photo by Starr Carroll

La Verne's Student Resource Center, in an effort to promote alcohol awareness, sold 25 cent mocktails Friday in front of the Student Center. Teriy Castro prepares a Frog Nog which included at least two scoops of strawberry ice cream, milk, strawberries, grenadine and food coloring.


Top Stories

Rock defaced; vandals unknown

Pranksters use FTC club as scapegoat.

ULV student sentenced to 60 days, probation

Sophomore David Riffle found guilty of battery, violating senior Jamie Bigornia's civil rights.

Cuts hit department budgets

Two percent budget cut proposals threaten 11 divisions.



Dormitory to house only freshmen

In attempt to build a community atmosphere, Brandt Hall will only house freshman starting in fall 1997.

Summer service promises benefits, opportunities

Ten-week volunteer program seeks students who are willing to serve others.

Spring break trip to San Felipe cancelled

Due to poor planning by L.A. Ski and Sun Tours, an overbooked trip leaves students in the lurch.

Library purchases reference series

'Dictionary of Art' contains 34 volumes, 41,000 articles, 300,000 citations and 720,000 entries.

Alumnus' death affects faculty, students

Nick Diaz Jr., alumnus from the ULV class of 1953, died on March 6 following angioplasty surgery.

In the News

Spotlight Weekend, Spring Formal '97 headline upcoming events.

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