Express Yourself

Campus Times
May 16, 1997

by Rhidian Maehl

The resurgence in tattoo art has brought parlors back onto the main streets of shopping districts.

On display in the waiting room of Primeval Body Piercing Studio are several varieties of body jewelry.

Juniors Shannon Beats and Jolene Anderson wait for their appointment to change and resize their body jewelry, having waited the required six weeks for swelling to reduce from their initial piercings.

In addition to Anderson's tongue piercing is a belly button piercing she has had for several years.

In the piercing room, Anderson gets her longer tongue post replaced for a shorter one. Anderson said "there was no pain at all when I got my tongue pierced; it was a lot less painful then my belly button piercing."

Senior Bonnie Chuen finds it difficult to choose the design she wants.

Chuen waits to get more work done on her tattoo, while tattooist Andy Moore photographs the work that he has done on another customer.

Chuen has more then one tattoo. Besides the shoulder tattoo, she has a tattoo going around her waist, which is not quite finished.

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