Campus Times
May 16, 1997

photo by Rhidian Maehl

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benezir Bhutto, doing a favor for her cousin, Dr. Ahmed Ispahani, professor of business administration and economics, spoke to Dr. Ispahani's economics class on Monday. Included in her remarks was the account of her 1993 election as prime minister in Pakistan. Although her administration was one of the first elected democratically, her term was abruptly ended when she was deposed. She also discussed the economics of Pakistan and the measures she took as prime minister to improve the country's well being.

Top Stories

Prime minister discusses democracy

Benezir Bhutto, former prime minister of Pakistan, speaks to ULV economics class.

Campus Safety to take on lost and found

Central location ends long searches for lost property.



Gardner, Reed to edit publications

Broadcast, journalism major take on new positions for Fall '97.

Department screens videos

Communications hosts student video screening, senior video showcase.

The Spot looking for change in renovation

Student Center renovation may hinder plans for bettering the Spot.

In The News

Baccalaureate services open commencement.

Brothers' Forum hosts youngsters

Pomona Unified fifth graders take a look at college life with help from organization.

IFSC elects new officers

Junior Alma Barrera takes current presidential position from senior Joe Martinez.

Faculty, staff recognized for service

Five to 51 years of service to the University honored in annual ceremony.

Academic renewal policy established

New policy allows undergrads to petition for up to one year of poor coursework to be removed from degree calculation.

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