Entertainment searchers to find spots near LV

Campus Times
October 3, 1997


by Michelle Thornton
Staff Writer

Imagine for a second that finally there is a break in the grinding schedule of a University of La Verne student.

No class, no lectures, no papers, no meetings, no 500 hours of reading, no homework, nothing. Just a few short, sweet days called a weekend?

What is a weekend? What is a spare moment? And how can this heavenly moment be enjoyed?

Take a glimpse into some local fun spots around La Verne that can make a night or a weekend as exciting as an all expenses paid round trip to the Bahamas. Okay, so it is not that exciting, but it can still be an entertaining way to kill some time on a free weekend.

Hungry? Fries and a burger sound good? In-N-Out is a local spot for hungry ULV students. It is inexpensive and close by. So what to do if the stomach is full but you are just itching to get out of the dorms?

"I go there every night at about 12:30. I go there mostly because I enjoy the food and it is open later than most fast food places. I just love In-N-Out," said sophomore Seth Halverson.

Once the weekend rolls around pull out those Wranglers and spurs, throw on some Garth Brooks and saddle up the pony, because it is time to head out to Cowboy Boogie, an Anaheim country western dance bar. Admission is cheap but a dress code is enforced so no baseball caps, t-shirts or torn jeans. Guys must wear a collared shirt that remains tucked in. As for the ladies dress code, there is nothing to worry about.

"Cowboy Boogie has a cool atmosphere. Everyone is really easy going and people come right up and ask you to dance. It is fun and you don't even have to like country music to have fun country line dancing. There is always someone there to show you how to do the dances. And they won't make fun of you for not knowing," said sophomore Kelly Young.

If driving to Anaheim is not an option then try the Western Connection in San Dimas, but only if you are 21 years old. This place has a 2,500 square foot dance floor and live entertainment nightly when the club opens up at 6 p.m. The club is closed on Monday.

If traveling far is still not appealing then leave legal drinking age friends upstairs at the Western Connection and head down to Coffee Bizarre.

This cozy little coffee shop is owned by an alumni of La Verne, Henry Slonsky.

Coffee Bizarre has a mixture of options for students. For those who want a quiet place to study, this coffee shop is equipped with outlets for laptops so students can work on their homework.

If relaxation is sought then games or live entertainment may be of interest. A variety of jazz, pop and classical music is performed by local talent on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The jamming starts at about 8:30 p.m. and lasts until 11p.m. While absorbing the tunes pick up a cup of coffee or a smoothie.

Okay, so the coffee shop is too passive and does not have enough energy, so how about Club Metro in Riverside?

"The Metro is awesome, last semester I went almost every Tuesday night. There is good music and it is always crowded with tons of people to dance with," said sophomore Marissa Mawn.

Open seven nights a week, Club Metro offers up to four separate rooms of dancing and music. Funk, old school, hip hop, retro disco, alternative, gothic, industrial, deep house, name it and they play each of them at least one night out of the week. The great music and reasonable admission draws a mesh pot of people.

Dave and Buster's is a combination bar, dining area, and arcade at Ontario Mills Mall. They offer two full service bars and a sit down dinning area. Along with the shuffle boards and golf simulator, Dave and Buster's also has six black jack tables and a massive amount of virtual reality and carnival games. Dave and Buster's also features a variety of pool tables and skeeball for all ages.

For those who are under 21, you must be accompanied by a person 25 or older, after all it is a bar.

"It is really easy to spend $20 or $30 at this place. It is a modern day mecca for adults to be little kids again in their spare time," said Instructor/Director of Speech and Debate Jason Sandford.

There is plenty to do around ULV, it just has to be sought out.