Homecoming debut blasts box office

Campus Times
October 31, 1997

photo by Christie Reed

After their numbers were reduced to five "good men," seniors Andrew Bills, Manuel Estrada, Sergio Velazquez, Jerome Garcia and Michael P. Bailey were elected to the 1997 Homecoming Court. The princes were introduced to students and faculty during the Illumination Ceremony held on the Founders Hall steps Monday night.

photo by Christie Reed

Stealing the spotlight, princesses Alma Barrera, Sharlyn Preece, Wendy Lau, Elizabeth Lomeli and Andrea Gardner stopped atop the Founders Hall steps after the Illumination Ceremony on Monday night.

by Michelle Thornton
Staff Writer

The students at the University of La Verne were looking for a "Few Good Men" and some "Beautiful Girls" to represent ULV's population as king and queen of the Homecoming Court.

The field was narrowed to seniors Manny Estrada, Michael P. Bailey, Andrew Bills, Jerome Garcia and Sergio Velazquez for the men and seniors Wendy Lau, Andrea Gardner, Sharlyn Preece, Elizabeth Lomeli and Alma Barrera for the women.

Estrada, a computer science major, is a member of the Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum and Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Estrada shared his most memorable moment with girlfriend sophomore Marlen Davalos when they recently found out that they would be becoming the parents of a baby boy.

Bailey, a psychology major, is interning at Charter Oak High School where he hopes to work after graduation.

He said the most influential person in his life is his father.

"He is everything I want to be and more. I learned everything from him. If I turn out like my dad, then I think I will do all right. "said Bailey.

His involvements include being a member of the Afrikan American Student Alliance (AASA), which nominated him, and the Brother's Forum and competing with the track team, throwing the javelin and discus.

Bills, a broadcast major, hopes to fulfill his lifelong dream of working at MTV, specifically "The Real World."

Bills started with broadcasting when his pastor father began taking video production classes.

"He was always needing someone to help and since I was there, I just helped out," he said.

Bills was nominated by Iota Delta.

Bills' other involvements are ASF Forum member (the Homecoming theme was his idea), a resident assistant in the Oaks, historian for AASA and is currently pledging Phi Delta Theta.

Garcia is a biology major who hopes to go to graduate school and receive his Ph.D. in toxicology and do cancer research.

"I love 'Pulp Fiction.' I love the dialogue. It was realistic and the movie kind of made you think," said Garcia.

Garcia, who was nominated by the Society of Physical and Life Science Scholars (SPLSS), is active as an OWL and a tutor in genetics and physics.

Velazquez's most memorable moment was when he received his national certification to become a tutor. He tutors in the areas of piano, geography and American government.

Velazquez says his parents have been influential in his life.

"They have watched me grow up and they have shaped me into who I am now. I couldn't have done it without them. They were very supportive," said Velazquez.

Lau, whose favorite movie is "The Princess Bride," is president of Phi Sigma Sigma, has a membership in the Alpha Chi national honor society, is on Prism and works as a part-time debater.

"Being involved has helped me to develop leadership. I need a lot of things to do or I procrastinate," said Lau.

Lau is going to go to law school hopefully at either UCLA or USC so she can become an entertainment lawyer. She would like to work in the music industry.

Gardner, a broadcast journalism major, shares a common thread with fellow Homecoming nominee Bailey. Both have the same favorite movie, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

"It is the classic '80s comedy. If you really study it you realize that the writing is superb in its comedic excellence. It is very wacky and very '80s," said Gardner.

Gardner is editor in chief of Campus Times, works with KULV The Rock, is the public relations director for the newly-founded "Hunter" Club and is president of Sigma Kappa.

Preece is a broadcast major who would like to work in the film industry after graduation. She is thinking of applying to film school, but is also thinking of taking a year off and traveling Europe.

Preece is an OWL, vice president on the Inter-Fraternity Sorority Council (IFSC), manages the Student Center and is the new members orientation chair for Phi Sigma Sigma.

"That Thing You Do" is Preece's favorite movie because she loves Tom Hanks.

"Anything written, directed, and starring Tom Hanks cannot be bad," she said.

Lomeli is a psychology major who is involved with the OWL program, is a resident assistant in Stu-Han and is co-chair for the Phi Sigma Sigma Sapphire Ball.

Lomeli said that she loved the movie "Forrest Gump."

"It shows a man who no one thought could make it and he made it far beyond that. He had so much love in his heart and he accomplished things he didn't know he could do," said Lomeli.

Barrera, an athletic training and diversified major, said she would like to attend Stanford to get her master's in exercise science.

Barrera is Phi Sigma Sigma vice president, IFSC president and head student trainer for the football team. She is also on the senior retreat committee.

The movie "Like Water For Chocolate" is her favorite because it is an interesting movie about growing up, self-discovery and family struggles.