Recruiters ROAR across California

Campus Times
October 31, 1997


by Araceli Esparza
Editorial Assistant

Year after year, the University of La Verne's Office of Admissions plays a number of key roles in the recruitment process for its prospective students.

Makayla Benjamin, admissions representative and a 1997 ULV graduate, is one of several staff to introduce those services to students interested in the University of La Verne.

As an admissions representative, Benjamin assists in promoting the Recruitment Outreach Admissions Representative (ROAR) program, an external recruiting service. This recruiting service is available to any ULV students who are interested in providing prospective ULV students with information and tours of ULV.

Admissions counselors are available to help recruit prospective students to the University, but, according to Benjamin, "students can relate better to [current college] students."

For this and other reasons, current students are more essential in the ROAR program. Its participants make the students' visit more personal.

Although ULV has always had an external recruiting program, the new ROAR program is a more formal approach to the process.

ROAR participants will have the opportunity to attend college fairs at area high schools.

"Depending on how many students have looked into ULV, that's how we determine what schools we [recruiters] go to," Benjamin said.

In addition to regular school fairs and visits, the external recruiting ROAR participants will give Saturday tours.

One of these Saturday tours is inclusive of Preview Day, which is scheduled to take place throughout the University of La Verne's Homecoming festivities tomorrow.

Preview Day is an event which provides prospective students with the opportunity to "discover the academic and co-curricular possibilities offered at ULV and meet ULV students, faculty and staff.

Freshman Dallas Miller, a broadcasting major, is one of several students who will be involved in giving tours and assisting prospective students throughout the day.

Though she says that she is also assisting as a part of her California work-study position, Miller said she is looking forward to the event.

"I get to give tours and tell them [prospective students] about the campus and answer their questions," Miller said. "I am interested in showing how nice ULV is, and, in the process will hopefully help the students decide what college they plan to attend."

Helping a prospective student out in his or her college visitation process is rewarding for Miller.

"The most rewarding part of helping in external recruitment is when you give a tour to this person [prospective student] and you know that they might come to this school. You helped them with that," Miller said.