Students visit Tijuana

Campus Times
October 31, 1997


by Jennifer Parsons
Arts and Entertainment Editor

As an outreach in service, the Behavioral Science Club went to La Gloria, an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico, on Saturday, Oct. 25.

Four students, seniors Tyesha Hollimod, Stephanie Osborne, Irene Chisholm and CAPA student Ali Wooldbridge, and both advisers, Dr. Ann Wichman, professor of sociology, and Dr. Mary Prieto-Bayard, associate professor of behavioral science, went on the trip.

Prior to the trip, the club held a clothing and food drive to which staff members and students donated.

"One student's mother works at an elementary school and she donated bats and balls to the orphanage. The kids were so excited," said Chisholm.

At the orphanage, the Behavioral Science Club had a barbecue lunch, did arts and crafts and interacted with the children.

"It was really fun. We threw them an American style barbecue and a Halloween party. We painted their faces, carved pumpkins and gave out bags of candy," said Osborne. "These kids live in an orphanage of about 60 children. They get a lot of love amongst themselves. It was great to go. At one point, Ali and I went in and just rocked babies."

"The club's main purpose is to do a lot of community service. It promotes academic and professional development," said Chisholm, president of the Behavioral Science Club.

There are approximately 12 undergraduate members consisting of sociology, criminology and other behavioral science majors. A mixture of both CAPA students and traditional students are a part of the club.

Plans for the spring include making another trip to La Gloria to interact with the children again.

"It is hard to limit the accomplishments [of the trip]. There was wonderful interaction with the children. We wound up with a lot of respect for the orphanage and how it is ran. The children had a lot of warmth," said Dr. Wichman.