Ministers give guidance, programs

Campus Times
November 7, 1997

photo by Laura Ambriz

One of the things that Campus Ministry performs throughout the year is planning events for the student body to build spiritual needs. Debbie Roberts, Protestant campus minister, freshman Ana Iniguez and Elena Cardeña, Catholic campus minister; make plans for the Thanksgiving service to be held prior to the academic holiday. A new feature added by the ministry is a religious service given the first Tuesday of every month.

by Elizabeth Rodarte
Staff Writer

Small, tranquil, secluded but always open to all, is the University of La Verne Chapel, the place where campus ministry is situated.

The ministry offers a variety of services year round to students and faculty members of ULV and also to people outside of the University.

Sophomore Jesse Rodriguez said, "I've heard and seen pamphlets for it [campus ministry] but I don't know exactly what it is. I think maybe it's Catholic based."

"I don't know what campus ministry is about, period," said freshman Charlton Charles.

Not many students seem to be aware of the services campus ministry offers to the University community.

The campus ministry program is rooted in the Church of the Brethren, which emphasizes service to others, spirit of peace and justice and working on values which respect both friend and stranger.

"It is in the spirit that I invite students, as well as faculty and staff to get to know campus ministry, to be in dialogue together, and to be engaged in various activities together," said Debbie Roberts, Protestant campus minister for ULV.

Campus Ministry offers the La Verne community an open invitation to stop by and chat with a minister, as well as chapel services, assistance with different questions or problems and a number of on-campus programs.

"I see campus ministry as the pastoral care of students, faculty and staff, whether that is through a structured program or simply chatting at lunch at the Spot," said Elena Cardeña, Catholic campus minister.

Roberts said, "We especially have an on-going interest and willingness to be actively engaged in the lives of the people on this campus."

Protestant campus ministry offers a bi-monthly "soup and substance" gathering.

Roberts said, "This gathering is an opportunity for reflection and community building."

Freshman Veronica Quintero said, "I have heard that campus ministry takes trips to T.J."

Catholic and Protestant campus ministries together offer various volunteer opportunities, including trips to work at the orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico, and to work with the Pomona Inland Valley Council of Churches in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, after school programs and free flea markets for the wider community. The program also offers participation in the Los Angeles AIDS Walk and Crop Walk (Walk for the Hungry).

Cardeña said, "The biggest thing that is coming up is the Sacramental Prep Program. This is the opportunity for people who have missed any of their sacraments to do them."

Roberts said, "In cooperation with the Minority Student Resource Center and Peace Studies minor, campus ministry encourages participation in the multi-cultural retreat each fall and spring."

Campus ministry also helps organize a Seder Service to celebrate the Jewish holidays each spring. It is a Jewish Passover held in the President's Dining Room and open to all university students and faculty.

"Protestant campus ministry encourages students to consider the summer service program, where students volunteer 10 weeks in the summer," said Roberts.

Junior Tracy MacArthur, a diversified major who participated in summer service 1996 in Bakersfield, said, "The summer service program is an excellent program which brings ULV students to the communities through religiously affiliated programs, camps or churches."

Students volunteer 10 weeks in the summer at churches, camps and other social service agencies in California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. A tuition scholarship is also accompanied when working in summer service.

Interested students in campus ministry should contact Roberts at ext. 4320.