OWL coordinators selected

Campus Times
November 7, 1997


by Louise Glanzrock
Staff Writer

The new OWL (Orientation Week Leader) coordinators were selected two weeks ago and they are sophomores Jennifer Parsons and Anna Caples.

Parsons, a journalism major from Bellflower, Calif., was transfer OWL last year.

She said, "I'm really excited about being an OWL coordinator because I loved being an OWL last year and I'm looking forward to improving orientation and making sure it's a lot of fun."

In order to qualify to become an OWL coordinator, she had to apply and interview with Kate Mueller, coordinator of student development programs, and Melissa Jaunal, coordinator of student programs.

Parsons is heavily involved in school. She is the arts and entertainment editor for the Campus Times and is also the Public Relations co-chair for Iota Delta Sorority.

Parsons said that regardless of whether she received the coordinator position or not, she was planning to be an OWL anyway.

Caples, an undecided major, is also heavily involved at ULV. She is the historian for Alpha Kappa Psi, which is a co-ed business fraternity. She is also an active member in Circle K, which is a social service club on campus and an active member of the International Student Organization.

Caples applied to be an OWL coordinator because she wanted to do the "dirty work." She said she wanted to do more of the planning than she was able to do as a regular OWL. Caples also wanted to develop more skills.

"I look forward to working with the OWLs and getting in and getting the job done," she said.

Mueller said the OWL coordinators assist in the selection of OWLs that will lead next year's orientation.

"The three of us work as a team planning and implementing all of the aspects of orientation," Mueller said.