Nice people finish last

Campus Times
November 21, 1997

by Echelle Avelar
Photography Editor

"Girls are sugar and spice and everything nice." We have all heard that childhood poem.

I will not sit here and pretend that all girls are nice and all boys are asses. That is a trap that I will not waste my space with. But I do want to point out how unfair it is when you are a nice person and no one -- I mean, no one -- cares.

Sure, there are plenty of people who do great things for no reason and expect absolutely nothing in return, and that is great for all those people who get to use that person. But what if you are that nice person and you become more and more like a rug being stepped all over than a helpful Mother Teresa?

I think that I am a nice person and I believe that I will do almost anything for my friends, family, sorority and co-workers, and I hope that those who know me will vouch for me. But sometimes I think that people use that niceness too much.

There will always be those nice people who will lend you money when you are broke, those kind souls that will drive you to the mall when your car is in the shop, those sweeties who are willing to go above and beyond for you and everyone else.

Some of you can relate. How do you feel being the one everyone depends on day in and day out? Who do you go to when things are not going your way? Who is that kind soul who will type that paper for you when you are busy? Even though you have practically given your right arm for someone, no one seems to be willing to lift a finger for you.

I do not understand how some people can be so mean. I do not believe I will ever figure out this school and all its quirks. I give my heart and soul to so many things and to so many individuals, but I never feel like any of that goodness matters.

My mom always told me I should treat people like I would want them to treat me. I know it is something straight out of Sunday school, but it was something I used to believe. Ever since I came to ULV, something has changed in me that I never thought would. I used to be a good person. I would have never hesitated to say that. I used to walk around my high school with a smile on my face, and not one person would think ill upon me. I had this motivated mindset that I would succeed at everything I did. I always thought that things would be brighter and good things would come to those who wait. Pretty damn stupid if you ask me.

Since my freshman year, I have transformed all my views. I have lost that "light" that people used to see in me. I walk around now sometimes with a smile, but more times without it. People have begun to ask me the first question I would ask them, "What's wrong?" Instead of loving life, I have begun to hate it and I have no idea what my part is in it. I have become the kind of person I have always pitied and tried to help.

Wow. How much I loathe the word "pitied", and this column is far from asking people for pity. I will not stand for one person to look at me and think that they need to "pity" me.

I have only a few weeks left as a student at ULV. I hope I can leave this school and most of the elementary problems that have come along with it. I have been asked to stay by some, and for a while I considered it. I actually considered putting my dreams on hold. But, in the end, I have decided that it is me who matters, and that for once I need to put me first.

In the end, it is not the "nice" girl who wins, it is the one who pushes and pulls her way to the top.

Echelle Avelar, a junior journalism major, is photography editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at