76th Fair provides new attractions

Campus Times
September 18, 1998

photos by Veero Der-Karabetian

(Above): Matt Bidart, from San Diego, and Summer Mooris, from Glendora, spent a day at the 76th annual Los Angeles County Fair watching one of the 67 different rides. The 100-foot bungee ride, "The Rocket Launcher," costs $30 per ride.

(Below): Bidart and Mooris dig into their wallets for a chance to throw ping-pong balls into floating cups. The concessionaire set up more than 30 games and 67 different rides.

by Greg MacDonald
Sports Editor

Marilyn Monroe returned to Southern California Thursday, Sept. 10, to sing "Happy Birthday." However, she was not singing to a President, but rather a 50-year-old pig.

Thummer, the Los Angeles County Fair's swine mascot, received the pseudo Monroe performance and a birthday cake as part of the opening day festivities at the 76th Los Angeles County Fair.

With "Discovery" as this year's theme, Fairplex offers new attractions and sights, as well as the timeless horse and pig races.

"We'll never give up cows and goats -- the things that are our history," Fair President James E. Henwood said. "But we're also expressing the industry of our area. I think we'll always be focusing on science and technology here."

The Space Expo 2000, the only traveling space attraction in America, celebrates NASA's 40th anniversary and also houses the Star Trek Earth Tour. The exhibit is located in the Fairplex 4 Science and Technology Pavilion.

In conjunction with the Space Expo 2000 and four other validation locations, Fair visitors who are 18 years and older have the opportunity to win a $1 million grand prize.

To be eligible for the loot, an aspiring individual must have his or her Discovery Days card validated at the Flower and Garden Pavilion, Livestock and Cavalcade of Horses, Carnival Midway, the Fairplex Park Grandstand and the Space Expo 2000.

A winner is selected every day, and all winners will be entered into a final drawing held on closing day, Sunday, Sept. 27.