Hawkey fills vice president position

Campus Times
September 25, 1998

photo by Ian Gratz

Philip Hawkey, the executive vice president, is new to the administrative staff this year. Hawkey is joining the La Verne staff after serving as the City Manager in Pasadena, as well as Toledo, Cincinnati and Kettering, Ohio.

by Nune Gazdhyan
Staff Writer

Financial management is tough, but for Philip A. Hawkey, University of La Verne executive vice president, it is the perfect suit.

Hawkey is not only an experienced administrator, but also a well known leader, speaker and writer. He was city manager and deputy city manager for numerous cities, including Pasadena, Calif., Toledo, Cincinnati and Kettering, Ohio.

In addition, he has lectured at national, state and local conferences such as the International City Management Conference, held in Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada.

He also was the author of several articles on public management such as "Affirmative Action and Diversity" and "A Spotlight on Electrical Deregulation."

Education played a major role in Hawkey's life. He has a bachelor's degree in economics, a master's degree in public administration and a law degree.

The sudden death of Vice President John G. "Skip" Mainiero in 1993, led to a national search for a new vice president. Bruce Baron became the new vice president of administration and finance, but after six months he resigned for personal reasons.

Dr. Stephen Morgan, Steve Grey, known then as controller, and now chief financial adviser, and Avo Kechichian, treasurer, worked together to cover Baron's former duties as they launched a national search for a vice president.

Dr. Morgan and Grey decided that there was a need for modifying the position for vice president of administration and finance and converting it into an executive vice president position. The national search located Hawkey.

"Phil Hawkey comes to us with vast experience in complex organization with multiple constituencies," said Morgan.

According to Dr. Morgan, Hawkey was hired because he is an outsider to ULV and education and was able to bring in a new perspective to the University and question the organization as he is acquainted with it. His new perspective will help identify overlooked glitches and contribute with solutions strategies.

Upon arriving at La Verne for a chance to meet with Dr. Morgan, Hawkey said he was very impressed with the greenery, the people and the mission of ULV.

"I was impressed with a lot of people I met. In addition to Steve Morgan, I was impressed with Bill Cook (vice president of academic affairs) and John Gingrich (dean of College of Arts and Sciences)," said Hawkey.

On July 15, Hawkey took on the new position of executive vice president because it gave him the opportunity to lead the public administration department as well as to have the opportunity to teach Personal Finance in the Public Administration Department's Masters Program.

"I'm here primarily because of Morgan. I'm impressed with his leadership and character. Also, I believe in this University, and it's mission," said Hawkey.

Hawkey said his primary goal in this position is to organize the University's budget so that decisions could be made about how the budget can be used in investments and how it could later invert ULV into success.

His long-range goals are an extension of ULV's goals, which include refining the strategy of how the University can flourish in several areas such as the American Bar Association (ABA) accreditation of the Law School and the use of technology in the classrooms.

Primarily, Hawkey is responsible for administration of non-academic affairs, including finances, human resources, maintenance and construction. He is also involved with many on-going projects on campus maintenance and construction. He is also involved with many on-going projects on campus such as the purchase of the Wells Fargo Building; turning it into the new bookstore complete with a bakery and coffee shop; renovation of the Spot; the ABA accreditation of the Law School and plans of relocating the Management Information Department.

"I'm a backstage person and my job is to improve the operation of the University in terms of administrative activity," he said.

Hawkey is also to take away some of the financial management burdens from Dr. Morgan so he is able to spend more time with students, the Board of Trustees and raise money for the University.

Hawkey is married with three children, ages 18, 20 and 23, and recently moved to Claremont to be closer to ULV.

Aside from all of his responsibilities, Hawkey manages to find time for his hobbies, which include distance running, hiking and reading. He anticipates running in the Chicago Marathon next month.