Letter to the Editor

Campus Times
September 25, 1998


Dear Editor,

To say the least, your article ["ULV deserves chance," Sept. 18] was very opinionated. Although it contained some information of importance, such as the reason for this years' larger enrollment, the futile personal views and comments were detrimental to your purpose (which I believe to have been to persuade us, the students of La Verne, to support our school despite the few mistakes made by administration). In one short article, you have managed to insult such a wide variety of people who attend this institution or are employed here.

One of the first extraneous comments you made was "Unless you are of the male population, who is enjoying the new 7-to-1 female/male ratio." By the third paragraph of your article you have stereotyped the male population of the University as not having a problem with the high enrollment simply because there are so many women to look at.

You go on to discuss the issue of parking. Yes, I will agree, it is difficult to get parking during the day and early evening. I will even go as far as to say it is very difficult if you want a good spot. However, you make another extraneous comment that would have been better left to yourself. You commented "I have one comment for Oaks residents: by driving instead of walking the short distance to campus you are contributing to ULV's parking problem." First of all, if the distance is so short, why don't those who are having trouble parking park anywhere near here and walk to class? And secondly, do the residence of the Oaks not pay the same fees and tuition if not more than any of the other students attending this school? Do we not have the right to park near our late evening classes so that we do not have to walk to the outer edge of campus alone at night?

I thank you for the light you have shed over the issues of high enrollment.

However, I ask of you that the next time you write an article trying to inspire support for our school that you do not offend large divisions of our population to do so.

R. Paul Alvarado
via Internet