Board makes suggestions to Forum

Campus Times
October 9, 1998

cartoon by Stephanie Lesniak

In the past, the Campus Times has been critical of the Associated Student Federation (ASF) Forum. This year, to be more helpful and our suggestions more effective, the Editorial Board felt it would be in the best interest of the students to voice issues with this year's Homecoming now rather than later.

The first concern is with the nomination process, which incorporates several smaller concerns. For instance, if any student could nominate any senior, it would be possible to have the entire senior class on the initial ballot, correct? Rather than having open nominations up, ASF should leave the nominations to the departments and clubs as it has done in the past.

Second, regarding nomination forms, in the past they have been sent to the departments and clubs that needed to vote; unfortunately, this year people had to retrieve the forms themselves. This would not have been a problem had there been better advertisements about the new process. A simple memo or several posters might have helped with that.

The third concern, with the recent fire in Davenport, where will Monte Carlo Night be held? It is a reasonable possibility that the clean up and reconstruction will not be complete. Therefore, an alternative location should already be in the works.

The fourth concern is regarding the traditional parade. It is no longer in the works for this year's festivities and the question is why?

Tradition at ULV is strong, and it should be left alone. ASF is trying to boost participation among the students and alumni, but canceling the parade and giving a halftime show, which only allows each organization to perform for a minute, does not boost participation any further. There is still time to have the traditional parade.

A suggestion might be having the parade on the track during the halftime. That would help boost viewer and community participation, while at the same time keeping the University's tradition alive.

It would also give the students who chose to participate in the halftime show a longer performance time.

The final suggestion is that, before making decisions which affect the student body, the Forum could conduct a survey to find out what students want, vs. what ASF wants to give them.

It is not too late to take to heart any suggestions. After all, everyone is working hard toward the anticipation of a great Homecoming.