Campus Times
September 24, 1999

photo by Isela Peña

Local horse owners dressed up in western-wear led 299 cattle down the streets of La Verne last Friday morning during the annual cattle drive. Families lined the streets as 130 riders, who each paid a $150 participation fee, herded the animals down the seven-mile route that began on Wheeler Avenue and ended at the Fairplex.

Top Stories

Argenbright takes on security duty

The University subcontracts its security services.

Search begins for vice president of enrollment

The new position, overseeing admissions and financial aid, is waiting to be filled.



Safety has new phone number

Along with its other changes, security changes its phone number.

SPAs focus on off-campus students

The Student Affairs Office creates new student program assistant positions.

Delta Sigma Theta initiates LV students

A new sorority makes its presence known on campus.

Campus increases 20-minute spaces

Short-term parking spaces are created in key locations around campus.

New grant assists FGSSP program

The First Generation Student Success Program finds a future with money from the Packard Foundation.

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