Campus Times
November 12, 1999

photo by Naoko Yokota

The University of La Verne's celebrates Native American Awareness month through the end of November. "Day of the Dead," a popular term of All Souls Day, was observed last Tuesday, Nov. 2, in the Quad to celebrate Mass in honor of dead relatives. It is also the day to set up home altars with food and other items that were pleasing to them. This celebration is still observed throughout Latin America on the Christian Day of All Souls. Many believe that the dead are not the object of fear, but are instead friendly ancestors who can sweeten the life of the living.

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Spiritual healer promotes awareness

Estela Román addresses the University in observation of Native American awareness month.

New agreement moves students to San Dimas

Housing officials make arrangements for Claremont Inn residents to move to the Red Roof Inn in San Dimas for the spring semester.



Connection helps students teach, tutor

The Honors Program's College Connection returns for January Interterm.

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