Campus Times
December 3, 1999


photo by Matt Wright

Tuesday evening, KULV 107.9 held its promotion, "That '70s Party," at Gameworks at the Ontario Mills Mall. In addition to a raffle, CDs and $10 game cards were given out to students for costumes, game competitions and "Let's Make a Deal." Junior Erin Sarkisian takes on all challengers, including freshman Steve Lau, in a race car simulator.

Top Stories

Students chosen as O.W.L. leaders

Two new O.W.L. coordinators have been named.

Students, Forum prepare for first Extravaganza

ULV's first Winter Extravaganza will be a combination of two La Verne traditions, the Holiday Dinner and the Spring Formal.



Debate team surpasses expectations

The Debate team has been recognized as one of the top debate teams in the world.

Discussions begin for hopes of speech major

The University is considering implementing a speech communications major.

Churchill stirs emotions, thoughts at La Verne

Ward Churchill, Native American activist, talks about the opression of his people.

Campus Comment

"Considering all the Y2K hype, what do you think will happen come Jan. 1, 2000?"