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December 10, 1999

photo by Matt Wright

At the student recital last Thursday, students from the Music Department at the University of La Verne were given the chance to showcase their musical talents. Performers chose their music and sang, or played it on piano or guitar. Freshman Dayita Datta, junior Gloria Ramirez, sophomore Jacqueline Reaser, freshman Alison Fanning and sophomores Kia Stephenson and Quency Long, all members of the vocal ensemble, are given last-minute directions by their instructor, Shawn Kirchner, before their performance. The student recital was held at the University's Chapel.

Laughter rolls 'Next Friday'

Movie review on "Next Friday" starring Ice Cube.

Local eateries offer affordable fare

Local eateries are compared telling which ones offer ULV students teh best meals for their bucks.

KULV tests Spanish rock with show

KULV is exploring a new format with a Spanish rock show.

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