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Senioritis rampant in my mind
Posted October 28, 2005

Is senioritis an actual medical disease? I am actually starting to believe so because I am showing all the classic symptoms this semester.

My workload is moderate. I am taking 17 units spread out among seven different classes.

All of the different class times, assignments, midterms, you name it, are all just cluttering my head from the only thing I really see right now, which is January.

I am out of here in January and I can’t wait a minute longer. I can remember this feeling back when I was a senior in high school but I don’t believe it was to this extreme. It is a challenge just to get myself to class every day.

I have been in school forever – this is my 18th year to be exact, if you count kindergarten and first grade as actually GOING to school. Those were the days…recess, snacks, naps, coloring (outside the lines), painting (anywhere except the page you were supposed to), giggling.

No, I do not want to go back to those days, just merely reminiscing.

It’s just that feeling when you know you are ready.

I consider myself a smart guy. I go to classes, do my homework, study, all those good things.

This semester is just a drag though. My graduation is right around the corner and I know I can’t screw things up. Yet I still am bombarded by senioritis.

I am ready to focus on one thing, such as a career. I think it will just make things easier. I don’t have to worry about the homework, midterms, classes or anything else like that.

As most students can relate, while in school, there are several different activities and other things that I am involved in.

I jolt from home to work, work to school, school to home, here to there.
Everything just feels a little overwhelming and out of control at times.

No doubt, graduation will be here and obviously I am ready.

But then what? Where do I work? What do I do?

Most of us want to take a deep breath and relax for a month or so before throwing ourselves into reality again.

I think it will be nice getting those months to just kind of sit around and do nothing. I can’t remember ever having a long period of time like that where I really don’t have to worry about anything. Eventually reality will set in.

I know what I want to do but sometimes the hard part is actually getting yourself to that point.

I have about six weeks to go and I am like the runner who can see the finish line ahead, but is struggling to muster up the last bit of gas in the tank to push himself across the finish line.

College was a challenge. More than anything else, you learn life lessons and skills that you will use in your job setting in the future.

School was great while it lasted, and boy, did it go fast.

Friends come and go but life moves on.

As for my experience at ULV, it has made me a better person.

I learned more here than I actually thought. Lifelong friendships are formed, knowledge and wisdom are gained.

Despite my struggles in my final semester, something tells me I will push and make it through my bout with senioritis.

Steven Falls, a senior communications major, is sports editor for the Campus Times. He can be reached by e-mail at