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Apathy transforms into passion
Posted October 7, 2005

Yelena Ovcharenko
LV Life Editor

As I turn to look around, it seems difficult to recognize the same University of LaVerne campus thanks to the changes that this semester has brought.

Parking lots that once were filled to capacity by commuters are now closed off, making the search for parking a greater issue.

Fenced lawns and tapered sections interrupt my traditional walks between classrooms, forcing me to take long and windy detours.

Mounds of dirt resembling the foothills block the once scenic view of the SuperTents as I leave from the basement of Miller Hall.

These are just a few of the temporary inconveniences that are supposed to serve for the better in the near future.

Fortunately, along with these changes, there has been a change on campus that tailors to my impatient nature.

It appears to me that with the start of this semester the ULV student body has emerged from its cocoon of apathy and has embraced the events that the University has to offer.

It was simultaneously shocking and pleasing to see big turnouts at local events, considering that last year an event was proven successful if at least half the seats were filled.

It was a bit shocking to walk into the Cabaret Theatre for “Trojan Woman” and see people standing in the walkways because of the limited seating and to hear about a dozen people in my section sobbing when Astayanax was torn out of Hecuba’s arms.

Similarly, the play “Unforgettable Invisibles” jolted my emotions as the people sitting next to me gasped with fear as depression attempted to kill three friends with its doubts and assumptions.

Jeff Garcia’s comic stand-up act in Founder’s Auditorium drew in droves of ULV students as they laughed out loud in response to his jokes. About 400 spectators filled the usually empty seats.

Also during ULV’s Fasnacht Lecture series, a full house listened attentively to the Native American storyteller, Joseph Bruchac.

The large turnout to Associated Student Forum meetings during the first weeks of school proved that apathy no longer inhibited ULV and that the passion of taking advantage of the events offered was spread among students.

This is definitely an experience that I thank all of you for.

Sitting at speeches, concerts, presentations and meetings on campus is more thrilling when you watch the people around you become captivated.

I have realized that I listen more attentively to speakers when the house is full even if the issue is not one of my top interests because those around me listen with great interest and probe my curiosity to do so as well.

I stop and ask myself, where does this sudden interest come from? What inspired these students to become active participants in the our student life?

Unfortunately, I do not have an explanation for this phenomenon.

The majority of the student body remained from last semester and not much of the faculty has changed.

It seemed at first that the student body was going to take its original route, when people started caring about student life.

I realize that several columns in the past have been written urging students to attend events hosted by the University.

However, this column is to commend all those that take the initiative and the time to get out of their busy schedules and put their books aside to attend events hosted on campus.

Thanks for bringing on a change to the University that unites us and brings instant positive results.

Yelena Ovcharenko, a junior journalism major, is LV Life editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at