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Erin 101: My quirks,
my feelings, my life
Posted Sept. 14, 2007

Erin Konrad
Arts Editor

I was supposed to meet the love of my life this summer. I visited a psychic last year at Halloween (since she was having a $5 special palm reading deal) and was informed that I would meet my soul mate in July 2007.

Some of her other observations were spot-on (I want to be a writer, could never be anything but my own boss, etc.), so I was anxiously awaiting the sparks to fly and my knees to get weak every time I passed the cute employee at H&M or the guy waiting behind me in line at Starbucks.

But alas no love affair has sparked, and my faith in psychics (at least that one) has diminished.

So now that you know my relationship status and my current non-belief in ESP, here are some other things about me. I love anything to do with movies or television, and I read anything and everything. I adore shoes but will never spend more than $20 on a pair – in fact bargains are pretty much where my heart lies. I have yet to find a more exciting place than the dollar store.

I’m a solid Democrat and somewhat of a hippie – not the smelly, barefoot kind, but more the peace sign, no war variety. I try to do my part to curb global warming, because I nearly cried when I saw the scene in “An Inconvenient Truth” where the polar bears are drowning due to the lack of icebergs or whatever.

My music tastes are seriously eclectic. My iPod has 50 Cent next to Ella Fitzgerald, Kelly Clarkson next to Incubus, and Kings of Leon next to Fleetwood Mac. I love going to concerts but rarely have the money to afford it.

I’ve loved musical theater since I was a tiny kid. I don’t know how anyone put up with my daily viewings of “Sound of Music” for almost a year straight. Recently I’ve become obsessed with the show “Spring Awakening” – if you haven’t heard the soundtrack, it’s a total must for anyone in his or her young adulthood. It has loads of intriguing and salacious plotlines – suicides, clandestine affairs… Pretty much everything you need for a good musical.

I’m obsessed with cereal. I have to eat it everyday for breakfast or I’m in a serious funk the whole day.

I love foods of every ethnicity, but nothing beats grilled cheese sandwiches. If doughnut didn’t contain trans-fats and other potentially artery-clogging components, I would eat a dozen everyday.

I drink way too much soda and iced coffees – which I justify the consumption of because I’m a college student and I need to be awake enough to get through classes.

One of my vices is buying way too many magazines, including ones I call ‘trash mags’ which is basically any publication that has a celebrity scandal, Nicole Richie or Brangelina updates on the cover. I’m embarrassed that I read them, but can’t go a week without viewing stories of certain celebrities’ crazy antics.

I suppose they help me feel better about my own life–at least I don’t have to worry about my DUI booking shot getting printed (not that I actually have one) or at least I don’t have to worry about being spotted dancing on a table at a club in Hollywood (not that I’d actually have to worry about that one either). But it probably just comes down to the fact that movie stars’ lives are interesting, and my life is most considerably not.

But until next time, thanks for reading, Leopards.

Erin Konrad, a junior journalism major, is arts editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at