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Fall fashion do’s and don’ts
Posted Nov. 2, 2007

Erin Konrad
Arts Editor

Here are some trends that are hot for fall – and some that are not so hot.

1) Cozy cardigans – these are easy to pair with jeans, but not so bulky that people think you’ve forgotten you live in L.A. There are tons of colors and styles available at the Gap, but for less pricey versions Old Navy has some equally comfy options.

2) Patent leather purses – I found an inexpensive (yet not cheap) version at Target for $20. They’re functional for school, but aren’t nearly as boring as backpacks or messenger bags. Plus they look like cute knockoffs of Marc Jacobs or Chloe bags.

3) Bright flats – One of my favorites because I get so bored seeing black or brown shoes during the cold months. Payless has dozens of colorful flats that won’t set you back more than $20. It’s a small price to pay considering they’ll revive any outfit you pair with them.

4) Colored jeans – Urban Outfitters has Lux Technicolor Jeans, but since I’d probably have to not eat meals for weeks to come up with their $68 price tag, I’d rather purchase the cheaper version at Forever 21.

5) Houndstooth – anything in this pattern is hot right now. Gwen Stefani’s new L.A.M.B. collection featured this fabric and tons of other celebrities keep showing up in paparazzi photos wearing it. You can find dresses, tops or accessories at stores like Target, Urban and Nordstrom’s.

6) Blazers and motorcycle jackets – a must-have item for both guys and gals. They’re comfortable, plus they’re perfect for when you’re supposed to be looking semi-professional. I love the versions by Gap, and Forever 21 also has plenty of different fabrics and cuts for everyone. For guys, Guess has some jackets that, although pricey, are definitely worth the extra pesos.

7) Chunky scarves – another must-have for this weather. Forever 21 has tons to choose from in all colors and prints – the best part is that most of them are under $10 bucks. The scarves featured at Anthropologie are exquisitely made. However their price tags hurt my heart – most of the styles are nearly $60.

Okay, here are some trends that I wish would just disappear already. While us Leos trend to dress rather snappy in my opinion, please just do me a favor and never wear these again.

1) Hats – I’m talking about cowboy hats, fedoras and any other weird style that Britney thinks is actually hip. They just make you look out of place – either go live out on a ranch or travel back to the 1950’s when people actually wore fedoras – otherwise, just stick with styles that are current.

2) Leggings – These will always be in fashion if you stick within the ballet genre – but if I see one more person (celeb or non) that is wearing leggings with just a top I might have to poke one of my eyes out. No one – and I repeat no one – looks good in spandex-like material. So, cover up!

3) Skimpy minis with Uggs – I absolutely cannot stand when someone wears a miniskirt with Uggs. If it’s cold enough to wear boots, then it’s too cold to be wearing a skirt. Comprende?

So, of course these are all purely my opinions. But all you have to do is stick with your own style – as long as you feel confident, you’ll already look and feel fashion-forward.

Erin Konrad, a junior journalism major, is arts editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at ekonrad@ulv.edu.