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Britney, get your life together!
Posted Sept. 28, 2007

Marilee Lorusso
Editor in Chief

Recently (former) pop star Britney Spears has found herself is an unflattering spotlight.

She has been in the news for her bitter custody battle with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, her unusual behavior, her horrible performance at the MTV Video Music Awards and the latest, allegations from her former bodyguard that could possibly be the last nail to seal the coffin.

I remember being in my pre-teenager years when her first song “…Baby One More Time” came out. Not only was it a catchy song, but I don’t think anyone will ever forget the plaid skirts and pigtails that came along with the music video.

My friends and I bought the CD and learned every word of every song. She was cute, innocent and a popular celebrity that many girls started to look up to because she was so relatable.

It is crazy to think about the power and effect celebrities have on people, and Britney Spears is the perfect example of a child star who took over the spotlight and has fallen out of it little by little.

First, she married some random guy with an uncertain past, especially when it came to fidelity. Then she had kids with him which made everyone a little uneasy.

The divorce made her fans think that a light bulb turned on and she was headed towards a great comeback. Instead, she shaved her head and started showing off her private parts whenever she was in public.

She has become a fixture on the Hollywood nightlife scene, making friends with Paris Hilton who also found herself in trouble over the summer.

This brings up my question: what happened to the celebrities of our generation?

Britney Spears has gone crazy, Paris Hilton did time in the slammer and Lindsay Lohan is still making her home in rehab.

It seems like getting a DUI and having pictures of yourself passed out after a night of drugs and alcohol is the new trend.

Maybe it’s the money, the popularity and the fame, or maybe there is just something in the water in Hollywood because it seems like there is more drama in their daily lives than in their movies, television shows and performances.

They are all targets of celebrity gossip magazines, columnists and blog Web sites. It seems as though every day there is something new and unflattering posted about Spears and company.

But back to Britney, hype was built up for her VMA flop of a performance. Not only did she do a horrible job of lip syncing her own song, but she looked lost the whole time.

This performance was such a disappointment especially after her previous memorable performances with the snake and the kiss with Madonna.

It’s important to remember that she is a mom, and it doesn’t seem like she will be taking home the title of mother of the year anytime soon especially when K-Fed is getting praise for his parenting skills.

Due to recent allegations of alcohol and drug abuse and nudity by her former bodyguard, her children are slipping out of her custody.
Many of you may wonder why the heck I am writing a column about Britney Spears. When it comes down to it, she has been someone who has been the center of attention in the music world since her first single hit the radio.

More importantly, she is a mom and all of her actions are affecting two little boys in her care.

I am rooting for her, and I still have hope that she can turn her life around. It could just be the 12-year-old girl talking in me, but hopefully she will get her act together for the sake of her own well-being, her career and her kids.

Marilee Lorusso, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at mlorusso@ulv.edu.