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Halloween, it's the thing
Posted Oct. 26, 2007

Marilee Lorusso
Editor in Chief

Jack-o-lanterns, witches, ghosts and goblins – It can only mean one thing. It’s that time of year again, Halloween. Every college students’ favorite scary holiday is only days away.

I know that for me, Halloween has always brought in an interesting array of activities, events and my favorite part: the costumes. I just love Halloween.

Even though most of us have an idea of why we celebrated this holiday, I was inspired to look up its history.

According to several Web sites I checked, Halloween originates from the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain. Oct. 31 marked the day that all of the dead returned to the earth. which they believed helped Celtic priests predict the future. and was the day before the new year for the Celts.

Many of the traditions that we practice and celebrate actually originated from the Celts. One is costumes. According to the History Channel’s Web site, for example, the Celts wore costumes during the festival’s bonfire to make sacrifices to Celtic deities and to predict fortunes.

We may not hold sacrificial events, but I know that many of us still dress up for a more modern version of that practice. Ever since I was little, I have always loved dressing up for Halloween. I have been everything from a Power Ranger with my cousins to a cop with my best friend and my personal favorite, Minnie Mouse.

It is always interesting to see what people come up with every year. Sometimes people can get really creative channeling their favorite superheros of their childhood to being something as simple and cute as a bumblebee. I love it all. Halloween is such a great excuse to dress up and let your creativity come alive.

At the beginning of the month, I got so excited as more and more decorations were set out.

My most recent trip to Disneyland built that excitement even more as the park has jack-o-lanterns all over the place. And who doesn’t love the transformation of the Haunted Mansion to the Nightmare Before Christmas theme. Even California Adventure has gone Halloween with their self proclaimed “World’s Largest Candy Corn,” on display. I always look forward to haunted houses and all of the skeletons, monsters and pumpkins that come out around the first week of October.

As a child, I loved seeing all of the decorations that people put up around this time. But mostly, I loved trick-or-treating. Now that I am a little too old to trick-or-treat, I still enjoy dressing up and going out with my friends, which brings up another fun aspect of Halloween: the parties. Like

I mentioned before, Halloween is an excuse to dress up as something creative and different, but it is also the perfect excuse to let loose and have fun. Seeing everyone dress up and get into the character of their costume is always exciting.

And for those who are not that into dressing up and going out, Halloween is always the best time to bring out scary movies. Well, not all of them are scary, but they represent the holiday. I have already taken the time to get a head start on Halloween movies with friends. Over the weekend I got in the Halloween mindset with Tim Burton’s “The Corpse Bride,” and just a couple days ago, we watched a classic Halloween movie “Hocus Pocus.” I know that there are many other Halloween movies, but I just wanted to get my feet wet.

I am just looking forward to all of the festivities of the day and of course, dressing up. And I can’t forget the most important part about Halloween: There is not a better day to head to the dance floor and rock out to “Thriller.” Happy Halloween!

Marilee Lorusso, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at