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Goodbye dorm life, hello real life
Posted Nov. 2, 2007

Marilee Lorusso
Editor in Chief

For the first two years of being a college student, I survived living in Stu-Han.

At first, I was pretty worried about moving into an all-girl dorm considering that I never had to live with any siblings, especially a sister. But most importantly, this was my first time away from home, a feeling I was anxious and nervous about at the same time. Living in the dorms brought many fun memories to my life. When else can you get a midnight snack at Circle K and head back to the dorms to stay up talking with your roommates, friends and dorm mates? I can honestly say that there have been some great times that came out of living in the dorms.

One of the first memories that I have involves a group of Stu-Han girls from my freshman year (they know who they are), and it includes rain and rolling down hills.

My roommate during my first semester went home a lot, but the times that she was there brought along good talks and fun times. For a while, I felt like I had my own room which many of my friends took advantage of when they needed a place to crash on the weekends.

During the holidays, my resident assistants always made me feel like I was at home. I have to credit my wonderful RAs, roommates and wing mates for making my experience so awesome.

Any time I was having a horrible day, had exciting news or had to borrow something, I always had someone to count on. Whether it was my RA, my roommate or even my neighbors, someone was always there for me.

But my absolute favorite memory had to be late night snack runs followed by late night jogs around campus with one of my good friends at La Verne. That was our time to just get our energy out, vent and just talk about anything and everything.

Living on campus had some perks. I miss the days when I just rolled out of bed and headed to class. Oh yeah, and I can’t forget about parking. My car didn’t have to go anywhere; it just stayed parked in its spot all day long until I had to leave for work or somewhere.

And yes, brace yourself, I miss eating at Davenport. Not living at home has provided one big challenge: eating good meals. Though there are differing opinions about our beloved dining hall, I admit that I miss it. I am not one to cook, so not having to make my meals and just walking across the street made my life a whole lot easier.

Dorm life is something that I really suggest to any college student. It is an experience that I will never forget. After living on campus for those two years, though, I was given the opportunity to move into an apartment with two of my best friends from high school. We could not wait. We finally were going to have the chance to live together and hang out all of the time. It all seemed so perfect. The apartment was new and beautiful, it was close to home and it was the perfect place for all of us to spend time together.

But along with this new adventure came bills and a lot more responsibility. Just like living in the dorms, living in an apartment came with a whole new set of rules and freedoms.

We did let some of those responsibilities, or should I say, chores, fall to the bottom of our priorities, but we had some interesting times at good old 2201 with our random get togethers on our balcony and of course our neighbor who enjoyed sharing his collection of adult videos through his bedroom window.

Now, I am on to a new chapter in my book of living on my own: a new apartment, new roommates and new rules. So far, there have been many interesting happenings, and I am looking forward to seeing what this place will bring for us.

Marilee Lorusso, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at mlorusso@ulv.edu.