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It’s starting to feel like Christmas
Posted Nov. 30, 2007

Marilee Lorusso
Editor in Chief

It is one of the best times of the year. That’s right; the holidays are here. Can you believe how fast the school year has gone by? We are already headed into the month of December.

Thanksgiving and our three day break flew by. I hardly finished my turkey and Monday was already here. Now, for many of us, we have Christmas and various other holidays to look forward to.

Christmas has always been an exciting and special time for me. As a child growing up, it was obviously because of the gifts. I have to admit, though, that I was pretty bad when it came to presents. I was the kid who tore the house upside down, scouring closets and looking underneath beds to see if Santa Claus and my parents got me items off my wish list. On Christmas Eve, I remember setting out cookies and a letter to Santa and camping out in the corner in my sleeping bag hoping to get a glimpse of the guy in the red suit. Unfortunately, I was not so lucky and never got to see him come down my chimney.

As I got older, I figured out other sneaky ways to find out what I received from Santa and my parents. Yes, it got worse; I figured out how to unwrap and then re-wrap my presents. I was horrible at waiting for Christmas. Let’s just say my terrible re-wrapping skills gave me away, and my parents caught on quick.

I love giving gifts too, but shopping for them during this hectic time is not my favorite task to do at all. You could not pay me to get close to the mall on “Black Friday.”

But this time is not just about the gifts. They are just a perk of what this time really means, at least to me.

The lights, the gingerbread houses and the holiday parties are also fun aspects of the holidays. For those of us locals, everyone knows about Thoroughbred. This street is full of neighborhoods with houses covered in beautiful decorations and lights. It is a unique spectacle that draws large crowds. Decorations and lights on houses, in stores and restaurants really help bring out the holiday spirit. Secret Santas and “white elephant” gifts are always fun too.

Another special aspect of this time of year, is the time you get to spend with your family and friends. I absolutely love this time of year because it is the perfect excuse to be around my family and friends. My parents and I have always had the tradition of opening gifts with some of our family on Christmas Eve.

We have always gone to visit my grandparents and my aunt Jenifer and my uncle Mike, and we still continue that tradition today but with a few less stops.

On Christmas Day, we wake up and open gifts at home. My mom cooks breakfast for us, and we catch up on all of the Christmas parades and movies on TV. We conclude our day spending more time with family.

I love the holidays because it is a breath of fresh air from school and work and a memorable time to spend with the people I love the most.
The holidays will always be a time I look forward to. It is not just because of the time off. For me, this time of year is not just about the gifts anymore.

As I am getting older, I am realizing that everyone else is too, which is obvious, but not something that I have really accepted. Time flew by and reality caught up quick.

I still think of the times when I was younger, opening gifts with my cousins on Christmas Day. Now, there are a few family members who are not with us to celebrate anymore, and all of us kids are growing up and facing the real world.

But I do not think I have ever stopped believing in Santa, and I have to admit that I still have hope that I will see Santa come down my chimney one day.

Marilee Lorusso, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at mlorusso@ulv.edu.