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Sundays are made for football
Posted Nov. 30, 2007

Rhiannon Mim
Photography Editor

Just last week I was talking about this past ULV season with a football player and he asked me, “How do you know so much about football?” Maybe my knowledge is questionable since I’m a girl, but all I could do was laugh.

Every Sunday since I was five-years- old I’ve found myself plastered in front of the television screen, accompanied by my dad and younger brother. Chores, homework, birthday parties, on Sunday nothing else matters but football.

In high school every Friday night was the football game. The stands were crowded since South Hills had one of the best teams in the area. Our team swept the division continuously and won two CIF Championships in a row.

I know the difference between an interception and a fumble, a personal foul is a 15-yard loss, encroachment isn’t some double-meaning word and I know that the Raiders haven’t had a decent season since they lost quarterback Rich Gannon (Boo Ya!).

In Week 12, the NFL games fed my love for football, with a fair share of victories and upsets.

As usual, the Packers took charge of their game, and it was pointless to watch by the third quarter. I used to hassle my brother, a huge Green Bay fan, by saying that Brett Farve needed to retire and that his best days were long gone. But their season this year has forced me to bite my tongue. I see the Packers going all the way. Green Bay currently has a 10-1 record, and should not let up.

Unlike their past 17 division games, the Raiders finally won one. Big woo hoo, I wasn’t impressed. With a 4-8 record I don't even know who watches their games now. Sorry Raiders fans, your team lost their glory days years ago.

Another big upset came in the overtime of the 49ers vs. the Cardinals. It’s overtime, all you have to do is be the first to score. It wasn’t easy for the Cards. Good ole’ quarterback Kurt Warner had a final chance but fumbled in the end zone. As my soccer fanatic family members in England would say, “He threw the whole bloody game away!”

A similar situation happened in the Chicago vs. Denver game, which gave the Bears a chance to stay in playoff hunt. This season Chicago’s Devin Hester has had five returns for touchdowns. So what does this mean? As sports announcers simply said, “Don’t kick to Hester!” Does anyone pay attention? I guess not.

Down south, the Chargers got their act together in their game against the Baltimore Ravens. Quarterback Philip Rivers threw two interceptions while one of my favorites, running back LaDainian Tomlinson, continued his poor play but it didn’t matter because they won, 32-14.

In an NFC matchup, the Minnesota Vikings beat up on the Giants, 41-17. New York’s Eli Manning threw three picks that were returned for touchdowns.

But the game that literally kept me on the edge of my seat was the Sunday night game of New England-Philadelphia. The game had a final score of 31-28, proving the Pats are the best for now. Still although the Pats are good, I’m sick of them and the Eagles did play them well.

So there you have it. I have obvious dislikes in teams, but no favorite. I’ve taken on my dad’s philosophy of just enjoying a good game of football. But as for this season, I’m pulling for the Packers in the Super Bowl, and I’m pretty sure we’ll see the Patriots there too.

Rhiannon Mim, a junior journalism major, is photography editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at rmim@ulv.edu.