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Five La Verne food favorites
Posted Sept. 26, 2008
Erin Konrad
Editor in Chief

Some of us complain that La Verne does not really have much to offer in terms of fine dining (no, Davenport doesn’t count as a culinary experience, unless that experience is the Freshman 15.) But since I grew up in La Verne, I’ve had much time—and many meals—to experiment with the local fare. I’ve come up with five of my favorite restaurants, all within minutes of campus.

1. Pizza N Stuff—This restaurant, located at 1532 Foothill Blvd, is always packed, so get there early or be prepared to wait. However, they have redone the exterior of the shopping center, and it is much improved over the old design. This restaurant (owned by two brothers who are always there to help in the eatery) has an extensive menu of Italian food. Its pizzas are huge with thick crust and covered in the toppings of your choice and its main entrees come with bread, soup or salad and a small dish of ice cream. My favorite meal is one of the big dinner salads that comes piled high with mozzarella cheese and dressing.

2. Aoki Japanese Restaurant—This small, cozy scene is located right adjacent to campus at 2307 D Street. Within walking distance of classes, the family owned business always has really inexpensive sushi and delicious teriyaki chicken or tempura. The lunch specials are perfect for broke college students, and the service is really friendly. I recommend asking sushi chef Mike what his pick for the day is—it is usually something fresh and tasty.

3. Red Devil Pizza—This hole in the wall pizzeria is located right next to the abandoned Vons in the shopping center at 1465 Foothill Blvd. It does deliver, but the restaurant has a nice hometown feel inside with large flat screens broadcasting sports games and red leather booths that line the walls. The pizzas are fresh, with dozens of options for toppings; classic Italian food like spaghetti and meatballs and eggplant parmesan are featured. Weekends are often busy with groups coming in to watch sports games and have pitchers of beer. The delivery service (even on busy nights) only takes about 45 minutes. And do not forget the breadsticks—they are some of the best La Verne has to offer!

4. Tastee’s Donut and Bagel—Located at 1449 Foothill Blvd. (right next to Red Devil) is home to one of the best sites for bagel sandwiches. Sorry Miss Donuts, but these come with fresher ingredients—you can also get a combo with chips and a drink for a cheap price. The donuts are also freshly made each morning, but no one can resist their “ tastee” bagels. Drop in before early classes and snag some of the scrumptious donuts or muffins and get a cup of their hot, brewed coffee to go. It is the perfect wakeup call for those of you who are not morning people.

5. Taco Factory South—Just drive up D Street from campus and turn into the parking lot at 2091 Foothill Blvd., next to the Bagelry. This Mexican restaurant offers quick and cheap solutions to your growling stomach. The prices fit into anyone’s budget, but will not leave you feeling like you ate greasy fast food from someplace like Taco Bell. Taco Factory has some of the best tacos around, and the menu is big enough to find your favorite Mexican dish somewhere.

Overall, there are many more places where I love to eat, so in case you like to stick with the tried and true, here are some other more well-known restaurants that I like to frequent: Pick Up Stix, Chili’s Bar and Grill, In-n-Out, Juice Stop and Starbucks. So next time you decide that your stomach cannot handle one more meal at Davenport, explore one of the above places. Oh, and if you don’t like your food at any of these establishments, then maybe you’ve been eating too many dining hall French fries or Circle K beef jerky to appreciate gourmet food like donuts and pizza.

Erin Konrad, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at erin.konrad@laverne.edu.