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My five fave 'take that!' songs

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My five fave 'take that!' songs
Posted Oct. 3, 2008
Erin Konrad
Editor in Chief

I thought about writing something serious for this column—maybe something about the presidential debates or the economic crisis. There are so many tragic things that occur everyday. But then I could not help thinking about what makes me feel better when I am down, and I realized that there is nothing more uplifting or inspiring than a good song. My favorites are the songs that are a big “take that!” I love artists who sing about someone who has hurt them, and how they have begun to realize how fabulous and strong they are. Here is a list of my five favorite fight-the-man songs. It does not matter if “the man” is the government or the guy who wronged you. People still deserve to know that they cannot walk all over you—or else you will write a nasty song about them.

1. Pink—”So What”—This song is my current fave “I don’t need you” song. Pink recently became estranged from her motocross husband Carey Hart. But she is not sighing and sobbing over the loss of her man; she is reclaiming her fabulousness. A sample lyric: “I’m still a rock star/ I got my rock moves/ And I don’t need you/ And guess what? /I’m having more fun.” It makes girls everywhere realize that breakups are often for the best. Who wants to stifle their rock star qualities for a guy?

Pink has several other songs that brew with independent, strong lyrics. “U + Ur Hand” is the perfect remedy to sloppy guys hitting on girls in bars. She sings that she is not there “for your entertainment/ you don’t really want to mess with me tonight…keep your drink just give me the money/ it’s just u + ur hand tonight.”

2. Carrie Underwood—”Before He Cheats”—Prior to the release of this song, the “American Idol” sweetheart was a good Christian who sang about Jesus taking the wheel. Then she released this tune about the basic trashing of her cheater boyfriend’s car. I instantly fell in love with her revenge-filled rant. Who would not love to slash some jerk’s tires? The best part is the line where Carrie sings that this creep will think twice before he cheats again. You gotta love a country girl who is ready to teach a man a lesson.

3. Pat Benatar—”Hit Me With Your Best Shot”—I love to listen to this song because it is a classic ‘80s jam with a solid message. I am not sure who would think of threatening Ms. Benatar, but just like any strong female, she knows she can always pick herself up again. So, for those guys thinking of ‘coming on with a come on,’ just beware that this rocker (like many other seemingly innocent girls) can hit a lot harder than you think.

4. Shakira—”Don’t Bother”—I played this song relentlessly after realizing that a certain crush would turn into unrequited love. I adored the angry, whiny “I’ll be fine” attitude, and the promise that this guy would never see Shakira cry made me feel better. Of course, I still cannot figure out what type of guy would dump Shakira, but this song helped remind me that “after all, I’m glad that I’m not your type.”

5. Christina Aguilera—”Fighter”—This song can only be sung at the top of your lungs while pumping your fist in the air (trust me). It is the ultimate sarcastic “thanks for hurting me” song, and the lyrics are amazingly tough. This song has helped me to realize that no matter how hard certain situations are, there is always a chance you can turn it into a learning experience. I like that the message is that you may have kicked me while I was down, but now I have learned how to take the hard hits.

I hope that you will download these songs, for future reference. You never know when you will need to belt out a powerful do not mess with me refrain.

Erin Konrad, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at erin.konrad@laverne.edu.