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There’s no place like home
Posted Nov. 14, 2008

While La Verne is a small community, and our University is not known by many outside of the local area, this school has truly meant the world to me.
As a transfer student arriving nearly two years ago, I was searching for a place where I could flourish.
I landed in the perfect spot.

Leaving Mount San Antonio College was the hardest part for me. Seriously, it was hard to get classes, appointments with counselors and when it came to the actual transfer process, I was on my own.

When I applied at ULV, I was not certain about my academic future and was questioning the path I was on following high school. Community college will do that to you.

Finding motivation there is like finding love in Las Vegas – if you don’t bring it there, you won’t find it there.

So, when I applied to ULV for the third time (contrary to what some students think, not all that apply get in) I was not expecting to be accepted.

Fortunately, the person(s) who accepted my application must have reviewed it on a Friday afternoon and let me slip through the cracks.

From my first class in Leo Hall, to now where I rarely leave the Arts and Communications Building, this school has embraced me.

To say tuition is very expensive might be a huge understatement, but I cannot think of a better way to put it.

In the long run, I hope this investment will pay itself off many times over. If it does I will gladly open my future check book to donations and endowments.

As of now, I cannot bear to open the monthly statements I get from Sallie Mae.

Regardless of the cost, and the fact that every time I tell people I go to ULV – they think I go to school in Las Vegas – this University has been a blessing.

It would be unrealistic to speak for all students, but each and every professor I’ve had has shown a strong desire for all of his/her students to excel.

Faculty members and advisers have never been too busy to drop what they were doing to help me with a question or problem I was having.

There is rarely a line at the Registrars Office.

Parking is not bad, in that it never takes me more than five minutes to walk from my car to class.

We are spoiled by the intimate class sizes, and most times are in class with others who help raise the bar, which in my case has elevated my expectations and performance standards.

I’m sure I will cringe when I have to start paying the loans off, but right now, with graduation looming, I cannot help but be thankful for the many people who make this school so special.

Presently, the economy is in a slump, and our enrollments are below expectations; however, if this school maintains the integrity and principles upon which it was founded, I am confident it will be able to embrace future students like it has with me.

Richard Lugo, a senior communications major, is sports editor of the Campus Times. He can be reached by e-mail at richard.lugo@laverne.edu.