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Making decisions for future's sake

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Posted on April 8, 2005

Gloria Diaz
Photography Editor

With only two months left in my collegiate career I have had to make more and more choices that will have an impact on my future. Of course, everything does, the choices you make cause a domino effect. But the lifelong decisions have become a frequent feature of my daily life.

Since November the big choices have not stopped rolling in.

My senior project was the first choice I had to make last semester. For me it had to be something that could get me that reporter job at a local newspaper or even a layout design job. So I decided to make my own magazine. The writing, photography and design are a shared responsibility with another senior.

Next, I had to decide to not go to graduate school after I leave the University of La Verne, for the reason that I could not afford it.

Because of this decision, I have to start working right after graduation and start paying my dues in an industry where paying your dues can take years. As much as I would love to be the reporter on the red carpet interviewing all the big stars on Oscar night, I have to be realistic and know that it might never happen.

One of the most difficult choices involved my sorority. Choosing to take a step back from the sorority I have worked so hard for, for the last three years, was something that I had to weigh and really think about.

For the last semester of my active status, I had to make academics the main priority in my life above Iota Delta. It was hard. It was something that I have to deal with because for so long my sisters were the release from all the homework and classes. But now I don't have time for that break. I never thought I would become that M.I.A. sister, but unfortunately I had to. I had to do it in order to graduate on time and complete my senior project to the best of my ability – with the utmost pride.

I, like everyone else in the world, face choices everyday. They can be negative like skipping a class and running the risk of falling behind on learning the material. They can be positive like choosing to go to a Society of Professional Journalists conference to meet skilled reporters, which could mean good things for my future – the one that is coming up in approximately 50 days. I could learn some valuable stuff that could make my writing better.

And so I come to the most recent decision. I can’t say what it is, but it has certainly complicated certain aspects of my life that have rarely taken precedence. Yes, it has made me a more confident person. Yes, my outlook has become different, which some of my friends have even noticed. But is it all worth it?

Seeing the domino effect starting to happen, I have to make another decision. Do I continue to serve myself and be happy and live my life as if nothing happened?

Or do I stop and turn my attention to the decisions that would be the right things to do?

The choice is hard. And it can’t be made in 500 words. But I can at least think things through and really put the consequences down to see what choice would be better. I can go on being the person I no longer recognize, or I can make the safe choice – the choice that would make me a better person.

I know that it requires much thought, and it’s hard for someone to even make an educated decision on very little information, but think about it. It’s the difference between the decision that feels good or feels right. Which do you choose?

Gloria Diaz, a senior journalism major, is photography editor for the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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