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Posted on April 29, 2005

Gloria Diaz
Photography Editor

I think I might have to pinch myself. It can’t be happening. I mean, this is something I have always wanted, but I never thought it would actually happen.

I’ve only dreamed of the day that I would hear him in person.

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OK, so let’s take a small trip back in time.

Last Sunday, I received a call from my mom telling me that K-Earth 101 was giving away front row tickets to see Paul McCartney in concert. She said she would listen to the radio at work and try to win them.

Great, right? I figured this would give me a slim chance of getting to see one fourth of my all-time favorite band.

After trying all last week, neither of us were able to win the tickets. Who would have thought that so many people wanted to see him live?

Although I knew it was close to impossible to win those tickets, there was still a bit of hurt in my heart.

Putting that pain aside, I quickly thought of Plan B. I knew it was going to be costly, but I would find a way to see him.

I realized last Friday that my plan would have to wait until Monday because that’s when tickets would go on sale.

I have always told people that there are only two bands I would pay good money to see. Those being U2 and, of course, the Beatles.

I knew that seeing Paul (I like to refer to him by his first name as if we are friends) live would cost me a couple of work study paychecks, but I was willing to make the monetary sacrifice.

Sunday night I set my alarm for 9 a.m. with no other reason to get up other than logging onto Ticketmaster to buy those tickets.

I was online and on the Web site by 9:30 a.m. To kill time for the next half hour, I caught up on some paperwork I had to do, but I kept watching the clock closely.

10 a.m. hit and I clicked on the “Find Tickets” link and searched for the best seats I could afford.

The cheapest were the nosebleed seats for $51.50, but those seats were out of the question because they would be too far from Paul. So I just asked for the best available seats at any price.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

So if anyone is going to the concert on Nov. 29 at the Staples Center, look for me on the floor level, section 108.

I absolutely cannot wait. I can already see myself crying once I walk through the turn styles.

Hearing the words “You say yes, and I say no...” gives me tingles on my neck just thinking of the concert.

I’m going to be like one of those blubbering insane fans who cry at concerts — the one’s that I have always made fun of.

At least now I have something super great to look forward to. I’m counting down the days and I just can’t wait until I’m there listening to Paul. I know he will be singing to me. I will be hearing all the great hits of the ‘60s and some from his old band, Wings.

I have shared this good news with the few people I’ve seen this week, but I’ve gotten that blank “I don’t get it” look.

I guess there are certain people who just don’t understand the importance that this event has in my life.

So for any of you Beatles fans: I am counting on you to understand my excitement and share in my joy.

I’m going to see Paul McCartney!

Gloria Diaz, a senior journalism major, is photography editor for the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at gdiaz1@ulv.edu.