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Posted on April 15, 2005

Nicole Knight
Sports Editor

Change. A word that often correlates with a student’s overall college experience.

Upon entering the University of La Verne nearly two years ago, very few things in my life changed.

I guess being a commuter and still living at home will stop that process.

I had the same high school friends, my high school sweetheart and the same bed to sleep in when I came home.

And now that I am about to end my sophomore year at ULV, not a lot has changed still. I still live at home and my boyfriend and I just celebrated two years together.

My relationships with my old crew has fluctuated over the past two years, but what long distant friendships don’t?

The biggest change and thrust into the grown up world came when my friend Jill announced she was engaged this winter.

Jill, the same age as me and sidekick in high school mischief, is getting married. This was hard to believe and it still is. Most would say it’s too soon, but it works for them.

I think conversation topics change the quickest in the grown up world. And talking with my old friend about kitchen appliances for her new house made me feel more grown up than any birthday.

Watching other people grow up has definitely put a lot of things into perspective.

I have another friend named Christina, who recently decided to live in San Francisco permanently versus coming home this summer.

She is forcing herself to grow up by continuing to live independently. The situation would seem completely normal, except for the fact that Christina is visually impaired and living on her own means is her next step to becoming independent.

I admire her courage for everything she has been through; she has been the greatest example on how to handle change.

I’ve had no major life altering decisions come my way in quite awhile, but I can feel them building up on the horizon.

Big decisions seem to be around every corner these days, and I assume many more will pop up along the way.

The first and last thing in the college experience change is decisions. They never seem to stop.

You decide what college you are going to when you are a freshman and you decide what you are going to do with your life after graduation.

Decisions inevitably spark change and their intensity grows with age.

Half way through college tons of decisions or questions arise. Am I in the right major? What am I going to do with my life? How am I going to survive in the real world?

Thinking about all this change makes me just want to go back to kindergarten, slip on some jellies and watch Duck Tales.

If only things could always be that simple. But in reality they can’t and they never will be.

Worrying about change can be consuming, but it can’t be ignored. Change is the only way things are accomplished and it needs to be embraced.

While people are making changes all around me and as I face changes of my own, the road to adulthood approaches fast.

I just pray I choose the right direction and enjoy the ride.

Nicole Knight, a sophomore communications major, is sports editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at stareknight17@charter.net.

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