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Postcard from the happily ever after
Posted February 24, 2006

Surprise, surprise. Thanks to some ridiculous schedule conflicts and mix-ups, it looks like I’m back for one more semester of the Campus Times. Sorry to stir things up with my sappy goodbyes last semester, but good ol’ Valerie is back. Lucky you.

Since my last column, a few things have changed in my life, mainly my relationship status. It’s official: I am a wife.

On Jan. 7, I skipped down the aisle in my high tops and wedding dress (which ended up fitting just fine, despite the failed diet and lack of alterations), said my “I do” and became a Mrs.

I always knew that I would remember my wedding day as the happiest day of my life and so far, it has been. Although the hours flew by, everything went perfect. Aaron didn’t get cold feet and leave me stranded, I didn’t trip as I made my entrance into the chapel and my mascara didn’t run as I sobbed my little heart out while dancing with my pops to Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’.” All in all, everything went off without a hitch.

After all the celebration hoopla, Aaron and I said goodbye to our friends and family, hopped in our car and headed down to the happiest place on Earth for our honeymoon, the abridged version. Unfortunately, we had to make it short because I had a biology class to attend Monday morning. Hooray for interterm.

Our wedding weekend was a blast. Everything went smoothly and everyday has been a blast since.

Although it hasn’t even been two months yet, I have to admit it, I love this whole being married thing. I love spending every day and night with my husband. I love grocery shopping. I love making dinner. I love keeping a clean apartment. And although I can only do it a few hours a week, I love being a housewife.

It’s funny. When I was younger, my best friends and I used to imagine what our futures would be like. They all said I was going to be a high-powered, chain-smoking journalist who lived by herself in a New York studio. I was supposed to choose career over love and opt for cats over children. I was supposed to be the last to get married and then the marriage was only going to be out of self-pity or my own need for money.
Yeah, I know that sounds pretty bad, but that’s the way things were looking. I was never much of the fairy tale type.

But, seeing where I am today, living the married life and getting excited over surprising my husband with a batch of brownies, I have to say, thankfully, my friends and I were way off.

While I am just a few months away from having my journalism degree, which is one step closer to actually starting my career, the thought of being a future full-time wife and mom is sounding pretty appealing. Aaron and I can’t wait to start our family.

Don’t get me wrong, I still plan on using my degree and working full-time for a few years after graduation. After all, I didn’t spend all this time and money on an education to spend my future sitting at home doing laundry and making casseroles.

But one day, I do want to throw in the towel, pop out some ragamuffins and do the whole family thing. Aaron and I aren’t planning on making babies anytime soon, but truth be told, we are looking forward to the day when we’ll have a little baby to hang out with. And who knows how soon that day could actually come.

Valerie Rojas, a senior journalism major, is copy editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at skalivornia@hotmail.com.