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Moving on after the loss of a furry friend
Posted Feb. 23, 2007

Alexandra Lozano
News Editor

It wasn’t until my sister brought home a Chihuahua and Beagle puppy mix named Sophia did I think about my dog Cezar and the possibility of Pet Heaven.

It had been almost two years since Cezar died and I wasn’t sure if my heart was open to love again.

Cezar was my pet Chihuahua for ten years. He was at least 12 years old when he died, walked on three legs and only had a few teeth left that showed when he smiled, but he was my dog and I loved him.

My boyfriend would tease me about it, “Who do you love more? Me or your dog?”

I always replied, “My dog.”

But Cezar wasn’t my only pet that died that year. Within a six-month period, I had lost five other pets. My cat was attacked by another animal, my rabbit accidentally ate the turtle’s food, the cockatiel went into convulsions and one of my quails was attacked by a squirrel while the other died from the summer’s intense heat.

Looking at Sophia breaks my heart. She has the same black marble-shaped eyes as Cezar and the same sharp “Yelp” when you don’t pet her quick enough. For a long time after Cezar died I couldn’t see a dog food commercial or someone walking their dog because I would burst into tears. It hurt my heart so much that I even stopped going into my own backyard for the occasional breath of fresh air.

Since the moment I came home from school and discovered I had a new dog, Sophia had been nothing but smiles. She immediately ran up to me and gave me kisses and jumped on my lap while I was trying to study.
Her short legs are no match for her energetic personality. I often find her jumping on my bed like a child would if I don’t give her enough attention. Her long tail curls up as she walks around the house sniffing things. And best of all, she has that cute puppy smell.

For my Values and Critical Thinking class I had to write about something I believed in even if I couldn’t prove it. Then I thought about something I hadn’t considered since my childhood: pet heaven.

I truly believe Cezar and my other pets are somewhere in their own pet heaven and they wouldn’t mind if I gave my love to another animal that needs it.

As a child, one of my favorite movies was “All Dogs Go to Heaven.” It made me feel better knowing that my pets will have somewhere to go when they die and that one day we just might be reunited again.

I can’t help but wonder if there really is such a place and if all my animals are there hanging out together waiting for me, but I’m hopeful that it does exist.

Losing a pet hurts, especially when it was a little disabled doggy who gave me nothing but love.

Sophia has become my companion just as Cezar was. She falls asleep next to me while we watch TV. And when her little legs can’t jump up high enough she gives me her cute puppy dog eyes and I can’t help but pick her up from under her arms.

I still miss my other pets including Cezar but I think two years is long enough to go without a little furry friend by my side.

I love you: Cezar, Sylvester, Elvis, Katie, Kwame and Oreo and I know I will see all of you in pet heaven one day.

Alexandra Lozano, a junior journalism major, is news editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at alozano@ulv.edu.