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$60,000 – but it was all
worth it
Posted May 18, 2007

Allison Farole
Web Editor

As I finished up my classes and I turned in my senior project I felt like I was inching a step closer to the “end.” But I soon came to find out that the “end” was not here, realistically.

I was reminded once again that in six months I will be receiving those infamous bills – students loans.

My grand total…a whopping $60,000. Yes, you heard me right. As I look back I wonder if those 60 G’s were well spent.

So here is where it all went:

To start I snagged myself a bachelor's degree in communications. I’ve always been interested in the realm of media. I am a very curious person and felt that my curiosity and urge for honesty in society would help me succeed in the field of broadcast journalism.

Along with this degree I was able to achieve hands-on experience in the broadcasting field, have small classes and have actual contact with my professors unlike other overpopulated universities.

Among the thousands of dollars I coughed up for this private education I was able to live on campus for three years and my last year in an apartment with two of my best friends.

Here I was able to experience real college life, attend activities, get involved with clubs and make a ton of friends. One thing I do know is that nothing can top living on your own and with your friends.

But the things that stand out the most are the trips I made with these loans.

In November of 2005 I joined a group of 10 and went to Louisiana to help the victims of Hurricane Rita. It was hard work, sad and definitely emotional but it was the best feeling to see people smile and say thank you over and over again.

In January of 2006 I achieved a dream of mine and traveled to South Africa. I do know now that if I hadn’t taken the money out to make this trip then my path after college would be totally different.

This was the trip that changed my life. I found my niche and I found what I wanted to do – humanitarian work.

Finally, this past January I conquered a fear of mine and decided to go on the interterm trip to India.

In all honesty I have never had a desire to travel to any part of Asia but I knew if I didn’t take on this opportunity then I would never go. The trip challenged me mentally, physically and emotionally. But because of it I found that I could handle pretty much anything.

All in all I sit here wondering if I spent my $60,000 wisely.

When others hear that I am walking out of college in debt this much they cringe. I cringe too!

Yet, I need to remind myself that these student loans are the second best investment I will be making besides purchasing a house.

And now that graduation stands a week away and the countdown until those bills arrive starts, I just need to embrace the college life I have led and smile.

Not everyone is privileged to do all that I have done. It may have come at a cost but it was definitely worth every penny.

So here’s to the real world and the fabulous life of finding every way to defer those darn bills.

Would have I changed anything if I could go back? Definitely not!

I have learned that if you want something as bad as a college education then you should go for it no matter what it costs or what obstacles you have to conquer.

It may seem overwhelming now but now I am determined to get to the point where those debts are paid off.

See you at graduation. Cheers!

Allison Farole, a senior communications major, is Web editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at afarole@ulv.edu.