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Top five things that drive me nuts
Posted March 02, 2007

Tom Anderson
Editor in Chief

Like it or not, we all have things that annoy us, rub us the wrong way, push our buttons, or just plain set us off. For future reference, here are some of my personal top vote-getters, in no particular order.

Poorly-aligned automotive ornamentation

Yes, I know, this one seems trivial at best, but think about it: Those of us who know cars and see the lettering for “Jetta” or “E320” sitting too high on the trunk lid (or worse, on the wrong side) will assume that, at some point, you angered the sheetmetal gods by bending the backside of your ride, and that looking like a tool to all auto-savvy passers-by is your punishment. But please, if you want to make it look like you backed into a lamppost, why not go all the way and leave your whip’s business end mangled for all to admire?

Political hero worship

For the record I am well aware of the fact the current administration is a bunch of graying, clueless and trigger-happy (in more ways than one) good ol’ boys, and that America is faced with a litany of socioeconomic problems both at home and abroad. But for all those waxing poetic about how Hillary, Barack or your people’s candidate du jour will be the best thing to happen to this country in at least a generation, I have bad news: Politicians lie, self-promote, sell-out, and otherwise give democracy a bad name regardless of what party they belong to. I can guarantee you with the utmost certainty that whoever wins the White House next year, he or she will louse up at least as many things as he or she fixes.

The sad fact of the matter is that politics in this country stopped being about whom you liked more and started being about whom you hated less a long time ago.

Pathological hypocrites

Speaking of politicians, I would be shocked if these folks didn’t make up the largest percentage of habitually hypocritical people. Exhibit A: When the Democrats retook the majority in both houses of Congress, Nancy Pelosi went on and on about how she and her colleagues would bring about a return to trust, sensibility and accountability on Capitol Hill. It wasn’t until after she thought the mainstream media had moved on to something new that Madam Speaker asked the military to provide her with a larger private jet than that of her GOP predecessor.

Hey kettle, I think the pot just called you black!

Gravel truck projectiles

If you travel the freeways in this part of the world, especially the 210 and 605 in and around Irwindale, you’ve seen plenty of these rock hauling rigs rolling along. But have you ever noticed the sickening sound of your windshield and the rest of your car being sandblasted by mineral missiles ranging in size from smaller than a tick to larger than a golf ball when you’re following one? I can’t fathom how the earth-hauling industry can live with the guilt of ruining untold thousands of innocent motorists’ windshields, headlight lenses and paint jobs each year and not doing at least something to combat the issue. It wouldn’t surprise me if the auto-body repair and/or insurance lobbies had something to do with it.

Poorly-programmed traffic signals

LV Traffic Engineer 1: “Hey, why don’t we program all the signals along Foothill Boulevard to make cars stop at each one as often as possible?” LV Traffic Engineer 2: “That’s a swell idea! I mean, no one would care about all the unnecessary time wasted, fuel wasted, vehicle wear-and-tear and pollution generated by doing that?” LV Traffic Engineer 1: “Yeah! Let’s go out for a beer and celebrate our awesome plan!”

I don’t know if the above conversation ever took place, but I don’t know if it didn’t, either.

Tom Anderson, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. He can be reached by e-mail at